Boomerang: One Place to Find, Personalize, and Send Gifts Cards – Instantly.

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 by

Boomerang is a local gifting platform that enables Facebook users to give their friends vouchers for local services. Share the gift cards with your friends to receive rewards.

The Best Things in Life are for Free!

Boomerang is not trying to reinvent the social gifting industry, It works similarly to Wrapp, which allows users to give gift cards to their friends through Facebook.  The primary difference between them is that Boomerang intends on working with smaller local merchants, and instead of strictly giving away gift cards, Boomerang also sells vouchers and coupons for services, such as a meal for two or a kayak rental. It specializes in small denomination gift cards from well-known and local brands; a $5 gift card to Ghiradelli or a $10 gift card to the City Winery, etc. The card is delivered with digital flare, similar to what it looks like when you open a Paperless Post.

Sharing Gift Cards can be Worthwhile…

When you receives a Boomerang digital card, you can share the card with 10 or so friends on Facebook and receive rewards like another gift. This feature is part of the Boomerang business plan, by making the gift card ‘viral’ they convince other businesses to collaborate with them. Founder & CEO, Zach Smith, says “We help friends send each other beautiful real-world gifts that are instantly delivered via email or Facebook. We work with the best local and online brands to offer unique gift cards and packages.  The best part of all: Many gift cards are totally free to give!“. So check Boomerang out, customize a great gift card and start sharing with your friends!





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