50 Gifts From Amazon To Get You Through Black Friday 2014

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50 Gifts From Amazon To Get You Through Black Friday 2014No need to set your alarm clocks and get up early for Black Friday this year!

Grab It Before It’s Gone!

Every year Thanksgiving comes and goes, and the end of Thanksgiving signifies the start of a new, and even more hectic day… Black Friday! Black Friday 2014 - Find the perfect gift on Black Friday Deals & SalesMillions of people get up earlier than they otherwise would on a day off and hit the stores. Stores seem to be opening earlier and earlier every year, and they are also offering better deals every year. In the early hours of the morning on Black Friday, those millions of people swarm the racks and aisles at their favorite stores in hopes of grabbing the last flat screen TV, or the best toys for the kids. Black Friday 2014 - Black Friday Deals & SalesWith people everywhere you turn and a small chance of getting what you want and need, why leave the house at all? This Black Friday instead of getting up at an awful hour, sleep in a little longer, stay in your pajamas and head over to Amazon. Amazon is offering great deals on all the gifts you are going to need this holiday season. We’ve compiled a list of 50 gifts from Amazon to get you through Black Friday this year and you can get them all with a click of your mouse. We’ve got you and all the people on your list covered!

The Musician In Your Life Will Write A Song For You

Musicians can be easy to shop for, or hard to shop for. It’s easy if they ask for a certain instrument, but sometimes they have all the instruments they need. That makes it a little bit harder to shop for them, but these creative gifts are to sure to add a little extra something to their music studio and you may get a song written for you!

Vintage Concert Posters

Vintage Concert Posters

These vintage concert posters will give the musician in your life a little inspiration and add some decor to their music studio in the process. The vintage music posters can be found for anyone’s favorite band.

Vinyl Record Bookends

Vinyl record bookends

Bigger isn’t always better and with these vinyl record bookends, something smaller may just do the trick. These bookends will add a little organization to your musician’s life while keeping all their notebooks and music books in one place.

Jensen Speed Stereo Turntable

Jensen Speed Stereo Turntables

Your musician may not be into the traditional musical instrument, so this Jensen Speed Stereo Turntable is sure to please. The turntable comes with 3 speeds, an auxiliary jack for their electronic device and a headphone jack among many more details.

PickMaster Plectrum Punch

PickMaster Plectrum Punch

The PickMaster Plectrum Punch is a great gift for anyone who plays an instrument that needs a pick. Musicians can get creative with what they make their picks of, and they will never run out!

Sports Fans Need Signage Too

The ultimate gift for any die hard sports fan is a pair of great tickets to see their favorite teams, but those can get pricey and if you don’t live near the stadium there are a lot of additional costs that add up. Even if your favorite fan has to watch the game at home this year, make sure they are watching in style. With some great gift ideas for even the biggest fan, they will feel like they are at the game and in the action.

Fathead Wall Graphics

Fathead Wall Graphics

Fathead wall graphics are a great addition to any room, whether it be a bedroom or next to the flat screen on game days! Fathead wall graphics come in a variety of sports and have all the teams from college to the pros.

Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker

Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker

What’s better than eating a good bowl of popcorn on game day? Eating a good bowl of popcorn out of the Stanley Cup! This Stanley Cup popcorn maker will be a prized possession for any hockey fan, and they will be the champion of their own viewing party.

Throwback Jersey

throwback jersey

Having a throwback jersey is one of the ultimate ways to show someone is a true team fan. You can find a throwback jersey for any time across any league.

Team Logo Meat Brander

team logo meat brander

Team logo meat branders are sure to take your BBQ from good to great on game day. Find the logo for your favorite team, and the master griller in your life will be a hit on game day.

Stadium Blueprints 

stadium blueprints

Hanging a stadium blueprint will hang nicely on any wall. The blueprints will remind any fan of the history their favorite team has and they can be found for any stadium as well.

Don’t Forget To Kiss The Cook

Food is a very large part of any holiday and any holiday gathering, so make sure the chef in your life has some of the coolest tools and appliances around and you will be in for a treat this holiday season. Sometimes a new refrigerator or oven is just what the chef ordered, but other times one just may want a new toy to play with in the kitchen.

Corkcicle Classic Wine Chiller 


A Corkcicle is sure to please any avid wine drinker this holiday season and beyond. The Corkcicle will enhance even the perfect bottle of wine and enhance the party, no one likes warm wine.

Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker

Cuisinart electric fondue maker

This Cuisinart electric fondue maker is sure to be a hit at any dinner party. Melt your favorite cheese or chocolate and everyone is sure to have a good time. Who can say no to fondue?

Fred The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

obsessive chef cutting board

For anyone who wants to be precise when following a recipe, this obsessive chef cutting board is perfect for them. The ruler markings and straight lines are sure to make any recipe perfect.

Philips AirFryer

oil free fryer

This Philips AirFryer  is oil free, yet still creates great tasting food! This gadget is great for anyone who likes cooking a bit healthier for themselves and their family and is something new to play around with in the kitchen.

Ice Cream Parlor Mixing Set

parlor ice cream set

This ice cream parlor mixing set will be the center of any kitchen during dessert time. Why go out for ice cream, when you can create any combination of flavors and toppings in your own house for half the price and twice the fun!

Make Sure Your Favorite Guy Gets His Favorite Gift

Shopping for your son, brother, father or boyfriend can always be hard especially when the don’t ask for anything specific. Creativity is key when shopping for your favorite guy. These gifts are sure to please any guy in your life, and they’re unique that the guys will sure to be extra appreciative when they realize how well you know them. Just because guys never ask for anything specific, doesn’t mean you should slack on their gifts.

Koolatron Vending Fridge

Koolatron vending fridge

No more heading to the kitchen for a cool beverage! The Koolatron Vending Fridge will is small enough that it will fit in your guys’ man cave, but large enough to carry all his favorite beverages.

ProPoker Poker Set

ProPoker poker set

Whether your guy hosts the weekly poker games or goes somewhere else, he will always be playing in style with the ProPoker Poker Set. This set includes all the chips and cards he’ll need and it even comes with a learning CD if he is just starting out in the game.

ActiveTool Airman Cordless Multi-Purpose Air Pump

Active Tool Cordless Tire Inflator

We may hate to admit that we let our tires get somewhat flat on more than one occasion, but the ActiveTool Airman Cordless Multi-purpose Air Pump is here to fix all the problems. Let your guy be the hero and save the day when we let our tires get a little flat.

Dewalt Mobile Work Center

Dewalt mobile work station

Have a household or appliance issue? No need to call a technician when your guys has his Dewalt mobile work station. He will be able to fix any problem around the house and bring his whole work station with him.

Ascot 20-Piece BBQ Master Grill Tool Set

bbq briefcase

Your guy will have all the tools he will ever need for the perfect BB! with the Ascot 20 piece BBQ master grill tool set. Don’t worry about misplacing any important grilling tools when they are all sitting nicely in their own sleek briefcase.

Your Leading Lady Needs Some Luxury In Their Lives

Whether the lady in your life gives you a list of what she wants, or hopes that you know her well enough, she always wants some thoughtfulness as well and something she will actually use. Women tend to have particular tastes when it comes to what they want, and these gifts are sure to match those particular tastes. Even if they ask for something or you have to search, women always appreciate it when you take time and effort when getting a gift and something that shows you know them.

Shoes Page a day Gallery 2015 Desk Calendar

shoe calendar

The Page A Day Shoe Calendar will not only remind her what day it is, but it something cute and small that shows you know her tastes. If shoes aren’t her thing, page a day calendars come in sorts of themes for you to pick from.

Massaging Bed Rest 

massaging bed rest

Women work just as hard as men, and this massaging bed rest will show that you appreciate all that she does. Let her relax in the morning or at the end of the day with a massage, her favorite book and her favorite drink for some quiet time.

Shoe Ottoman

shoe ottoman

Show her you can help with the decor in the house as well as giving her more space for her favorite accessory…shoes! What woman doesn’t love shoes? And she will love that you support her love for shoes by giving her more room to store them in with this shoe ottoman.

Bathtub Caddy

bathtub caddy

Give your leading lady some time to relax at the end of the day with this bathtub caddy. It fits on most size bath tubs, as well as give space for her cellphone, favorite glass of wine and a good book.

Michael Kors Watch 

Michael Kors watch

Make sure your daughter, sister, mom or girlfriend are rocking the latest trends this holiday season. Give her some arm candy in the form of a Michael Kors watch, and she’ll be sure get everyone’s attention.

Your Kids and Teens Will Be Speechless

Shopping for anyone is never easy, especially when it comes to your kids and teens. Their lists are all over the board, but you don’t want to get them something that they will use for a few days and then get tired of it. These gifts for kids and teens, are sure to be just what they wanted and they will keep using them until they are no longer usable. Leave your kids and teens speechless this holiday season.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is the newest installment in the Sims family, and it’s a game that can keep anyone busy for hours. Let your teen channel their creativity and design their own family and their lives to create an fun and eventful story.

Doodle By Stitch Reversible Sheets 

Doodle By Stitch Reversible

Is your kid coloring on every surface in the house? Solve that problem by giving them sheets that they can actually color on! The Doodle By Stitch Reversible Sheets come in all bed sizes and can even be a fun activity before bed time.

Wonderful World of Fashion Book

wonderful world of fashion

My Wonderful World of Fashion is a book for drawing, creating and dreaming. Filled with blank pages for doodles and dreams that your budding fashionista will fill with, she can bring her drawings to life. It’s sure to keep her busy for hours.

 Razor Scooter

razor scooter

If you live in a part of the world where it tends to snow around the holidays, your kids may have to wait a bit to use this awesome Razor scooter. But trust me, the wait will be well worth it when they’re zipping up and down the sidewalk come spring time.

WHAM-O SnowBall Blaster

wham-o snowball blaster

Who needs to wait for the spring to have fun, when your kids can head straight out the door and start playing with the WHAM-O SnowBall Blaster! The kids will be entertained for ours in the snow, but make sure they don’t gang up on you!

Turtle Star Projector

turtle star projector

This turtle star projector is great for your young one who needs a little help falling asleep at night. While projecting stars on the walls and ceiling, the turtle also plays soothing sleep sounds.. It can also be a great toy for them to snuggle with.

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

3d doodle pen

Bring your kids’ and teen’s doodles to life with the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. No need to run out of wall space when they doodle something new, this pen draws in 3D and they can place their 3d drawings around the whole house.

Give The Gamers More Than Just Cool Games And Consoles

If you have a dedicated gamer in your life, they probably already have the coolest games and consoles hooked up to some TV in the house. With them having those items already, that probably crosses half your gift ideas off the list, but it doesn’t have to. These gifts are great for gamers and will add something extra to the game room and allow your gamers to play their games in style.

Moga Pro Mobile Gaming System

moga pro mobile gaming

The Moga Pro Mobile Gaming System is great for those gamers who like to sit and play games on their smart phones for hours at a time. Instead of the player sitting with the phone right in front of their face, this gaming system lets them sit back and relax while they have some fun.

X Rocker Video Gaming Chair

gaming chair

The X Rocker video gaming chair is sure to give your gamer the ultimate game playing experience. The chair can connect with other chairs, includes speakers and a subwoofer, wireless receiver and it’s relaxing too.

New Potato Technologies Classic Match Foosball for iPad 

ipad foosball

Normally when someone is playing a game on their iPad, it’s probably a one or two person game. But with the New Potato Technologies Classic Match Foosball for iPad, more can get in on the fun and enjoy a friendly game of foosball.

Authentic Pac-Man Arcade Game

authentic pac man

Take your gamer back in time with this authentic Pac-Man arcade game! They will be able to enjoy a time when games where not all handheld or connected to the TV. Who knows, you may get a shot at playing!

Athletes Practice All Year Round

Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean your athlete is going to stop working out and training. The motivation may be seriously lacking during the winter season but they just have to keep on keeping on. These gift ideas are great for your athlete to get going in the colder months, or at least make someone fell they found some motivation tucked away. Athletes and those who enjoy working out will not only enjoy the gift, but they will also look good doing whatever it is that they do.

Trigger Point Performance Roller

trigger point performance roller

Stretching and warming up/cooling down is just as important as the actual training and exercise part of an athletes routine. The Trigger Point Performance Roller comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and help stretch and rub out the tight spots in your muscles for a more effective routine.

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Drinking water and staying hydrated is an important part of any physical activity whether you’re working out or now. The Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks fluid consumption, paces you to ensure hydration goals are met and motivates you to stay hydrated. Sounds like this water bottle is a genius!

Gaiam Print Yoga Mats

Gaiam print yoga mat

A great gift for any yoga enthusiast! The Gaiam print yoga mats come in a variety of prints and colors, and is sure to meet anyone’s style. They will show up ready for class in style.

Under Armour Hoody

under armour hoodie

An Under Armous Hoody is a great gift for the whole family because they are made for men, women, and children. These sweatshirts will make training outside or getting to the gym a little easier in the winter.

Nike+ Fuel Band

nike fuel band

The Nike Fuel band is great for any athlete. The fuel band will help keep track of all the progress being made and it will even let you know when you’ve reached your goal.

Don’t Forget to Treat the Techie In Your Life

Those who are technologically savvy seem to know it all about the technologies in our live. From phones to home systems, they seem to know it all which makes finding them a gift they don’t know about can be a bit of a challenge. Normally, those who know all there is to know about technology seems to have the latest gadgets. But with these creative devices, they will sure to be a treat for the techie in your life. And who knows, they may have realized they don’t know everything there is to know.

Koolertron Mini Portable Home Theater Office Projector

Koolertron mini office projector

Is the technology advanced person in your life always wanting to show something off on their phone? Look no further with the Koolertron mini portable home theater office projector! No more huddling around a small smart phone screen, the projector connects to a smart phone and the pictures, videos and games can be shown on a larger scale.

Mini Wireless Earbuds

mini wireless earbuds

These mini wireless earbuds are perfect for anyone who is always playing with technology. They can either tune the world out, or keep it quiet at night. Being cordless and blue tooth capable, normal headphone wires wont get in the way of anything.

The North Face E-Tip Gloves

The north face e-tip gloves

Cold weather doesn’t stop any technology lover from using their favorite devices outside. These e-tip gloves are perfect for colder weather and the gloves won’t stop anyone from making a call, playing a game or texting.

Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

vibrating alarm clock

Does your significant other seem to wake you and the whole house up with their alarm clock? The perfect solution is here with this vibrating wrist watch alarm clock. The watch will silently wake them up, and let you and everyone else continue to sleep until a normal hour of the day.

The Traveler In Your Life Won’t Get Lost This Holiday Season

Those who love to travel never seem to stay in the same place for very long before they’re off on their next adventure. But we know we can always count on them to be home for the holidays. When giving a gift to travel lovers, the gifts need to be: practical, easy to travel with and of course stylish. These gifts are sure to meet the whole list and they will be ready to use for when the traveler in your life is off on their next adventure. Wherever they go, they will be sure to appreciate the great gifts you’ve given them.

Stylish Passport Covers

 passport cover

No one is the same, so why should our passports be? A stylish passport cover can be tailored to anyone’s interest, and it will also them keep track of this important travel item when it falls to the bottom of their suitcases.

Expandable Selfie Handheld Stick

selfie stick

The time of the awkward selfie is over. No more have weird selfies with the background cut out. With the help of the selfie stick, the traveler can take great photos on their adventure and everyone else can see the whole picture.


travel journal

With the help of a travel journal, no memory will be lost. Travelers can jot down the daily activities and where they went, as well as saving tickets, pictures and pamphlets they’ve collected. Memories really do last a lifetime.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 320

cannon powershot elph 320

With the Canon PowerShot ELPH 320, your traveler is sure to capture the perfect picture. One of the newest additions to the Canon family, the camera includes: a large screen, great zoom technology, and wi-fi! It’s slim design is great for traveling too.

Chromo Inc. Power Bank External Battery

portable phone charger

Whether your traveler is always Instagraming their destinations or taking photos, their phone battery is bound to run out eventually. With this external battery, they will keep the photos going for a little bit longer than they thought they could.

Kipling Large Duffel

Kipling large duffel

No matter where someone is traveling to, they have to go in style. This Kiplin Duffel is sure to get them there in style. With it’s soft outside, it’s easy to stuff full of everything they need with lots of pockets and it’s light weight too.

So Remind Me Why You’re Getting Up Early?Black Friday 2014 - Black Friday Deals & Sales

Let’s be honest for a moment, how many actually enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday and fighting off hoards of people to maybe get what they want? With all these great deals offered by Amazon this holiday season, why not sleep in and stay in your pajamas all day. Just head over to your computer and let Amazon take care of the rest. Black Friday doesn’t have to be a stressful time, and now you can enjoy some more family time too!





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