Springpad – Turn our Favorite Things on the Web… into a Notebook!

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 by

Springpad offers a beautiful bookmarking service in the form of smart notebooks that helps you share your web’s favorites and discover new things through the people you trust.

Your web’s notebooks!

Springpad’s free, cloud-based, smart notebooks (web, iOS and Android) is a great way for you to save, share, and act on your interests to simplify your lives. Springpad is rapidly growing, with close to 4 million users who have saved more than 55 million notes, products, recipes, movies, books, music and more. Springpad enhance what users save with useful information and automatically send relevant alerts, updates and offers to help you get things done when they’re ready.

from the cocoon came a beautiful butterfly!

According to the Springpad team their mission is simple:

“To help people discover and act on the stuff they care about by harnessing the power of the web, data portability and mobile access.”

And frankly, they succeed: The apps they build allows you to create smart notebooks full of ideas from anywhere, on the web and on the go, share them with your friends, and get more out of life. Earlier this year we posted a ‘Top 10 Best Websites Like Pinterest’ blog and Springpad was one of them… The reason we decided to give it a weekly fave this week is the fact that we feel it really grown to become a great product that offers a good service that you all can benefit from. Try it for yourselves and tell us what you think of it!


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