Smartr Contacts from Xobni – Smartphone App of the Week

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2012 by

Smartr Contacts – Ever felt like you’re circumnavigating a maze with no ending when trying to wade through all your contacts, trying to find that elusive one you’ve been looking for? You wouldn’t be alone, and Xobni has addressed this by bringing out the impressive iPhone and Android app, Smartr Contacts.

It takes all of the people that you communicate with, whether by phone calls, text messages, email, or on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and automatically creates an interactive, multimedia address book, complete with pictures, emails, phone numbers and recent social postings. And of course it only includes the accounts you want in your address book. Sounds clever right? Well watch the video below, and then click here to get to the Xobni website, find out more, and then download the app.

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