Lift – App of the Week: Self Help Your Bad Habits Away!

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012 by

Lift is an iPhone app that helps you switch your old, bad habits with new, more desirable ones embed new desired habits… Get ready to achieve any goal!

A simple way to achieve any goal and track your own progress, Lift also realizes that you’re probably not going to achieve the development of new, better habits without the help of a few ‘friends’: You’ll become part of a whole support community of people trying to achieve the same good habit as you. If you want to.

Start changing your bad habits today!

Lift is not just another ‘to do list’ app: this iPhone app is about finding out what the bad habits are that you want to change, setting goals and then taking one baby step at a time to achieving it. On download you simply set the goals you wish to accomplish (some have already been suggested for you by the Lift team, like ‘drinking more water’, ‘exercise’, ‘go to sleep earlier’, ‘call mom & dad’ etc…

It’s these smallthings that will make you a healthier, happier person! Your Lift log shows you what’s working, lets you know if you’re being consistent, and shows you how much progress you’re making.

“Each step is a tiny victory…”

The Lift team wishes to eliminate willpower as a factor in achieving goals. By making your persistence and achievements visible to your selected friends, this app assures that you will receive the support and encouragement everyone needs so that they could change habits.

Lift’s philosophy is that “Taking small steps creates built-in reinforcement. Each step is a tiny victory, and those victories create momentum and confidence.” . The idea is that big achievements don’t come over night, they’re made up of thousands of steps. So stop making excuses, get this app and start living right!

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