Vivino – Enjoy Great Taste and Never Forget Another Wine!

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 by

Vivino -  you don't remember the name of the wineWith Vivino you can remember all your wines and learn more about them easily. Vivino recognizes 500,000 wines using your smartphone’s camera. Don’t ever wake up the next day and forget the name of that great wine you and your friend shared the night before.

The Next Morning… Remember Last Night’s Wine

So this happens to the best of us. Friday night, you share a glass of wine with a friend. You tell yourself that one glass will not lead to a second. But still somehow one glass becomes the whole bottle gone in a matter of a short hour. You wake up the next morning remembering a great time with your friend and especially a great tasting wine. Only problem, you don’t remember the name of the wine. So what do you do to remember that great tasting wine next time? You download Vivino, the smartphone app that remembers and stores wine labels for you. No more forgetting that perfect dinner wine, party wine, summer wine, or for any matter any wine.

Vivino - No more forgetting that perfect dinner wineSmell, Drink, Enjoy… Scan?

Living in the 21st century, for most everyday problems in life they say: “There’s an app for that!” And remembering great tasting wine is no different, there’s an app for that! Now with Vivino you simply scan the label of the wine bottle and viola, there you have it! The wine info is automatically stored in your smartphone so you can remember it for next time. And obviously the same goes for bad wines, be sure to give them bottom ratings so you don’t ever run into them again. All in all, Vivino is great for any wine connoisseur or just your average wine drinker. It provides a service that remembers for you YOUR wine, so all you have to do is drink the wine and decide whether you like it or not. Check it out today, and start keeping track of all those great wines with Vivino!

Vivino - remembering great tasting wine is no different, there's an app for that

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