Want A Better Way Than Facebook to Organize Events & Share Photos?

Posted on Sunday, March 18th, 2012 by

Who actually wants to see those baby photos…

Here’s a question for you: How many of your ‘friends’ on Facebook would you actually consider to be your friend? (Answers in the comments box below!) If you’re like me and shuffled uncomfortably in your seat when trying to answer that question, you’ve probably also wondered this: Do you really want to be sharing the photos from your vacation, your baby’s birthday or your latest night out with all 800 of your Facebook acquaintances and that guy, Bob, who you met at the 2009 office Christmas party and hastily added as a friend only to perpetually ignore him ever since… Equally, I don’t think those 801 acquaintances (including Bob) are particularly interested in your in-joke photos clogging up their news feed either!

So if, like me, you could do with an equally sociable, but more private and selective, way of sharing your photos and memories of more private and selective events, you’re in luck… Capsule does exactly that!

Why using Capsule to organize events may be easier than Facebook:

One of the best things about Capsule, and probably the most useful, is its group event organizing features. Whereas organizing an event on Facebook is made more difficult simply by the immense amount of irrelevant noise filling the user interface (which I know from painful, personal experience makes people less likely to notice your birthday party!), Capsule’s command center is designed completely with sharing events with your actual friends in mind. It enables you to RSVP to invitations, share photos (and post them to Facebook or Twitter in one click), discuss an upcoming or past event, and even offers a group texting number, which makes it incredibly easy to keep everyone informed of your plans.

Your Capsule Command Center - View all your group shared events, RSVPs, Photos

All My Faves Bottom Line:

Once people start organizing their events and sharing pictures and stories from them with Capsule, there’s a real chance of a migration from Facebook to this interesting website and accompanying app. Definitely one to watch in the future!




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