The Fluffington Post – Your #1 Source for FLUFFY ANIMALS.

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 by

If cute cubs get to you, if a picture of a fluffy puppy wrapped in wool yarn makes you say awww, then the Fluffington Post is exactly your kind of website!

Your daily dose of cuteness…

The Fluffington Post is the perfect place for you to go to when life seems unpleasant, one look at a cute puppy’s big eyes usually makes all your trouble vanish… Matt Silverman, Co-Founder of the Fluffington Post defines the website as a combination of the three most shareable things on the web: humor, news and cute animals, “We’re often called ‘The Onion for pets’, and we’re quite happy with that description.”

What can we say?

Not much, the pictures from this site kind of speaks for themselves, we will let you know that aside from these amazingly cute pictures you will also find adorable funny videos, short blogs about animals, animal Humanitarian requests and more. So do your soul a favor and visit The Fluffington Post.


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