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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

So Bad So Good is our blog of the week, and it’s filled with funny images, and generally some of the coolest pictures from around the web! For those bored at work this site will definitely make the day fly by!

Who doesn’t love funny images!

So Bad So Good is a blog dedicated to saving you from being bored by bringing you awesome content. Our favorite posts are their collections of some of the coolest pictures found on the web. Decide for yourself and check them out at So Bad So Good, but first, check out these funny images we found on So Bad So Good…

Creations from under the sea

The underwater man

Paintings so realistic you’d swear they were photos

Incredible photorealistic painting

The 3D billboard

Creative 3D billboards

Leonardo Dicaprio definitely regrets this one

Who knew that batman fought in historical wars

Batman fighting wars

Fish in Rio

Fish in Rio

Beautiful Japanese field art

Beautiful Japanese field art

The healthiest purse on the market

And to wrap it up

The city silhouette

The city silhouette

So Bad So Good is a great photos website. To get all the best photos websites on your homepage, check out and add the Photos Faves – our hand-curated collection of awesome photos sites!

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