Your Photos Are Precious: Save Them in the Snapjoy Cloud!

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 by

Snapjoy is probably the best and safest way for you to gather your digital photos from all of your online album services, and enjoy them in one sleek interface from any device

One online album for all your photos!

Snapjoy is a free online service that automatically imports, organizes and stores your entire photo library in the cloud. It allows you to import photos with one click from Instagram, Flickr and Picasa Web or upload them directly from your computer (and soon from your iOS devices as well.).

The result of using this service is one beautiful and sleek platform where you can gather the photos from all of your different online album services. Your photos are arranged on a timeline, this way you can find photos without having to browse through several services and lose time and photos you like.

Your treasures lies safely on a cloud…

When you use Snapjoy you can rest easy knowing your photos are safe, organized and accessible from anywhere, having another backup cloud that stores your precious photos is never a bad thing and since the interface is so beautiful you can us it as your online album anyway.

You can use Snapjoy to share your photos privately with friends or publicly via social networks, and guess what? The service is free of charge so there is nothing for you to ponder about, open a Snapjoy account and enjoy all of your photos from everywhere!


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