Ptch – App of the Week: More Creative Photo & Video Sharing

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012 by

Looking for a new, creative way to share your pictures and videos? Our iPhone app of the week, Ptch, may be just what you’re looking for…

Whats your Ptch?

Ptch is the first app to emerge from Dreamworks Animation’s start-up incubator, and on our first look, brings the magic you’d expect from its big daddy. It’s an iPhone app that aims to solve the problem of sharing more than just photos in today’s Instagram world. You’ve got so many photos, videos and awesome music tracks to share, but until Ptch you didn’t have a way to combine them into one when sharing.

Well, as you can see from the video below, after a free download of Ptch, you can actually take photos and videos out of your camera or social media feeds, combine them with music from your library (or Ptch’s selection of tracks), add a cool style, and within minutes you’ll have created a pretty darn cool mini music video, ready for sharing with the world!

There is more then one way to tell a story…

So this is an app all about storytelling – Ptch’s creators believe that the whole story of an event can’t be told by just a static set of photos from one person. And this photo/video/music sharing combination – or “living media” as Ptch’s CEO refers to it as – becomes even more dynamic with a feature called the “re-ptch”.

You can actually take other peoples’ photos and videos from their Ptches and create your own memory of a shared event in your own Ptch. This feature makes this app a true social one, encouraging conversation by enabling you to response to your friends Ptches, you can see your friends story and change it to the way you saw it, giving depth (and fun…) to the whole conversation.

Bottom Line on Ptch

Ptch is a new way to tell a story from your iPhone. If you’ve got one to tell, collect your photos, videos and music… and try Ptching it!

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