Pictarine – One Photo Storage & Sharing Tool to Rule Them All

Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011 by

Pictarine – Storing and sharing photos these days is possible via Google’s Picasa, Facebook, Flickr and other photo hosting sites. The obvious question is how come there isn’t a single venue online that allows you to import all of your photos from various social networks and other locations to a single place? One that is easy to use, doesn’t require monthly payments to store your albums? Say hello to Pictarine, the site that invites you to “manage and share all your photos, whether they are on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Instagram, your computer, your camera, and even your mobile. You can finally enjoy and share your photos the way you want in one place.”

In addition to storing and sharing photos, Pictarine offers a sociability feature whereby users can create ‘zests’ – a sort of a photo-based status update that friends can comment on and add their own photo to. Pictarine takes the chaotic world of dispersed online photo storage locations, and brings these all together to make it better and more organized.

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