PicMonkey – Like Photoshop, But Online, Fun & Free!

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 by

Picmonkey – Picmonkey is an online Photoshop for the masses: Free (for now), easy and fun. It’s a genius piece of photo editing software that allows you to drag any photo from your computer to the online editor at Picmonkey.com… and give that drab photo you took on your last vacation the  extra bit of sparkle it needs before you upload it to Facebook!

Would you use Picmonkey instead of Photoshop or Instagram?

Photoshop’s a tough beast to tame. It’s complicated. It’s brilliant. It’s for professionals. It’s expensive. So what an amateur photo enthusiast like you or me to do with our lovingly taken photos that just need some ‘wow’ factor?

And in a week where Facebook spent a ridiculous amount of money ($1BILLION) on Instagram – the iPhone’s premier photo taking, editing and sharing app – why not just use that? I mean, it’s gotta be good if it’s worth that much, right? Well actually, no. Picmonkey may not be worth $1billion, but it’s more comprehensive, less one-dimensional and you have more control over how your final photo looks (because your editing it online). Click here on any of the pics, including the one I made earlier on the website (yes it is me in the photo!), to start transforming your photographs with a bit of Picmonkey magic.


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