Pi.pe: Back Up All Your Facebook, Twitter & Flickr Photos

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by

Pi.pe is a brilliant take on cloud storage for photos – not only can you back up your offline photo, video or audio files, but you can now back up your media from across the social web… Just in case your Facebook crashes!

Back up any file from one social domain to another… or another 20…

Does your mother want backups of every photo on your Facebook account? Have you looked at her dumbfounded and explained that there is not enough time in the day? Now you can take as little as 45 seconds and back up photos, videos, or even audio files from Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, Kontakte, or even Myspace if you still use it, as well as many more. Back up these files to the cloud, or one of the other 20 places Pi.pe has listed.

How to transfer your media across the social web:

When choosing files to send, albums may be selected or you can simply click select all. On the next page, find all of your albums in detail view, showing you ever file within the album. Here you can select individual photos or files and media can be deleted or modified (including titles, descriptions, and tags).

Once you’re happy with content, the next step is to set a destination. Select one or up to 20 multiple destinations, and click next step to find yourself at the Summary. Check over all your work, and enjoy doing whatever else you have to do that day. Once the transfer is complete, an email will be sent informing you so.

Tip: if you are backing up to flickr, make sure you upgrade your account if you plan to upload more than 25 photos.

Bottom Line on Pi.pe:

With Pi.pe you never have to lose photos again and can do something more productive with your day than right clicking save on each photo you’ve ever taken.


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