NowThen: Capture Today, For Tomorrow

Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2015 by

NowThenRemember your day, everyday. NowThen allows users to capture a moment every day, and then share it with the World.

Capture The Moment

NowThenWith NowThen, take one photo a day and then share it with the World. Moments can last forever, and photography can help with that. At certain moments throughout the day, NowThen sends you a notification giving you until a certain point in time to take a picture (about 10 minutes). If you miss one moment, another notification comes around the next day and each notification comes at a different time each day. Users upload an image of wherever they are, or whatever they’re doing and then post it at that time. It’s sort of a social networks of sorts. Browse through your own history to remember what you’ve done in the past, or browse through other photos to see what others were doing at the same moment in time. NowThen is an interesting way to not only remember what you did from any given day, but a specific moment in time. NowThen is connecting the World one moment at a time, and by one picture.


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