Notabli — Your Kids’ Moments, Private & Organized

Posted on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 by

notabli11Notabli is a private social network, allowing parents to save and share childhood moments.

The Personal Social Network for All of Your Child’s Momentsnotabli3

Documenting and sharing the earliest experiences of your children are an essential part of any young parent’s life. In the social media age, it’s often too easy to overshare photos or information about your children on public social networks. Unless you’re still printing photos, those pictures and posts can get lost amongst the rest of your social media feeds. Notabli was created as a private network for parents to record, collect and share all of their kids’ moments. The service, which is available for iOS, Android, and web, allows parents to post quotes, audio recordings, written blogs, videos and images of their children. All of these posts are organized in a way that serves as a great archive of a family’s best moments.


notabli4A Private Network Worth Sharing

By creating private networks for parents, Notabli helps minimize the amount people publicly share photos and other information about their kids online. It’s useful to have everything organized in one location, and parents can be comforted by the fact that their photos aren’t available for everyone to see. Sharing is, however, an integral part of Notabli’s service. It’s easy to connect family members to your network, send regular email digests to a monitored list of recipients, or share Notabli posts on other social networks. It’s obviously just as risky to invest all of your child’s photos and moments into one site (as opposed to saving files or printing actual photos), but at least for now Notabli offers the best service for parents looking to archive their family experiences.


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