IMCreator: Cool, Free Web Design Templates for your Website

Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2011 by

IMCreator – Ever felt jealous of all those beautiful looking websites you’ve stumbled upon with All My Faves? Wish you could create a stunning website without having to pay a web designer thousands? Well now you can with IMCreator. It’s simple really: the site provides you with free, cool website design templates. All you have to do is put your content in, and boom, amazing website. If you’re looking for a fresh, cool, free web design template for your new website, Try IMCreator out.

We also think you should take a look at All My Faves Web Design. It’s a MiniFaves page we’ve created with all web designers in mind, whether you’re amateur or a seasoned pro, linking you visually to the Top 25 Free Web Design Sites on the internet!

You can add IMCreator or our suggested Web Design faves into your own personalized homepage with AllMyFaves really easily. To use the internet as if it was designed just for you, click here!

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