Humans of New York – The Amazing Photographic Census of NYC

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2012 by

Humans of New York is the photographic census of the western world’s metropolitan. Discover New York like never before, through it’s people, one street portrait at a time.

The true face of New York City!

Humans of New York resulted from an inspired idea: to construct a photographic census of New York City. It’s an ambitious project undertaken by photographer Brandon, who has taken photos of over 10,000  New-Yorkers and mapped the city a portrait of each person and a quote from them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this vibrant blog boasts a rapidly growing following – currently standing at over 300,000!

Welcome to the Weird, Wonderful City

Humans of New York is one of those few blogs that actually does its subject justice. And what a subject it is… The Big Apple, so diverse, and filled with so many weird and wonderful people who just don’t fit in anywhere else; people for whom the City is their Utopia.

And that’s exactly what Humans of New York successfully tries to convey: A vast melting pot where every human plays their own unique role. I love how it never hides; every blemish is bared. It’s this that makes Humans of New York such an emotional, inspiring and exhilarating story.

Bottom Line on the Humans of New York:

Humans of New York is one of the most awesome blogs I’ve seen in a while (and working for All My Faves, I see tons of blogs every week…). It will take you on a journey into the true heart of the complex multicultural metropolitan that is NYC. I’ve not been in the City for 15 years (far too long 🙁 …), but I feel a little bit closer by following this blog. So get ready for an amazing journey and visit Humans of New York.

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