Global Assignment: Discover the Olympic Games like never before!

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

Global Assignment has taken upon themselves to bring you the Olympics in the most amazing way, beautiful Gigapixel, 3D and 360 images. Top photography by Top photographers.

Images you just can’t ignore!

Usually we do not bring you websites such as this one, it is Global Assignment’s site which is a photography agency that showcases their works. But we just couldn’t help ourselves as we browsed through this amazing portfolio that shows London 2012’s Olympic games in a new light, new angles and stronger colors!

Gigapixel, 3D and 360 images

Can you think of a better model then the world’s top athletes? I can’t. Though I bet that most of them would look amazing on images taken from disposable cameras, seeing them in a Gigapixel photo, where you can zoom in on tiny details and still get top quality, is something completely different! 110 metres hurdles looks more exquisite in 3D and you really feel like you where at the opening ceremony of the Olympics after seeing the 360 images from it.

Just can’t get enough…

Here are some more amazing images from Global Assignment’s site, enjoy.


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