Fotor: A Brilliant, New Online Photo Editor – Photoshop for Dummies?

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by

Fotor is the Photoshop for those who knows nothing about Photoshop. We review this awesome online photo editing tool that allows you to quickly and easily upgrade any picture into a real expert’s masterpiece!

Who needs Photoshop?

Well, actually WE still need Photoshop but for a domestic user Fotor is more then enough for your photo editing needs, and it is definitely faster and easier to master and use.

Fotor is a great way to edit and share photos online. For free, you can upload a picture, do all the basic editing actions such as cropping, rotating, color adjusting; and when you’re read set ready made filtters or make your own one, frame the picture, add overlays, texts and tons of other cool features.

Bragging about your loved ones has never been easier!

As a guy who uses Photoshop all the time I really can appreciate simplicity when I encounter it, and I do appreciate Fotor. If you deserted your PC for smartphones, Fotor has a great mobile app as well. Try it; if you’re someone who just loves to show off the people or places you love, Fotor’s a fun, easy way to make even the most average photo look great!

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