ElectNext: What is Your Stand on Important Political Issues?

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Ready to vote on November 6 in the US Presidential Election? Do you know which of the candidates matches your opinions on the important political issues? Well if not, here’s your chance to find out…

So, where do YOU stand?

ElectNext tries to shake all of you sleepy American voters, who usually restrict your political involvement to watching the debates and voting to your traditional party, out of your political slumber. ElectNext is here to find out where you truly stand! It’s all very simple – you enter ElectNext and within seconds you’re confronted with a series of ‘Where do you stand?’ questions. While you are contemplating about these important political issues, you subconsciously get involved with these essential topics.

After you have answered enough questions the site offers you a chance to see which of the presidential candidates truly matches your views the most! ElectNext shows you where the candidates are compatible with your opinions and values, and where they are way off.

How does ElectNext works?

The ElectNext team realize that in order to fulfill their vision, it is imperative that they maximize the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of their database.

They gathered tens of millions of data points from campaign finance donation data, interest group ratings, public statements and correlations between issue positions from their internal database to build position profiles for over 4,500 candidates and elected officials at the United States federal level.

Then, to calculate the candidate match score they take a position on the issue statements that matter most to you, And calculate how close or far apart you are from them by taking the weighted distance of the responses between the two of you.

A vital service for the common citizen

ElectNext is a true civic engagement startup that helps anyone, anywhere get informed and stay engaged on their most important political issues. They chose not to be a non-profit organization so that their survival would not depend on how well they please a small group of funders.

As a for-profit company, their survival depends how well they serve you, the users. So get off your buttocks (pardon my french… 😉 ) and get involved! You can start with ElectNext here.

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