Wavo: Express Yourself Through Music

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Wavo is a social network for music that allows everyone to express themselves through music. Wavo let’s you effortlessly build visually beautiful collections of the music you love and then share them with the world.

The answer to all you online music problems!

Wavo is a YouTube and SoundCloud based online music website. It is beautifully designed and very user friendly. Once registered you start curating playlists, its an easy process: You can either use a standard search bar that will track almost every song you can think of (Wavo found everything I tried, not an easy task!), you can browse through categories by genres or by checking playlists of people you follow for discovery and inspiration. The play list building is very intuitive, all you have to do is create a playlist and then drag the songs to it.

Share your music with the world!

Every other week we feature a new online music website, everything we bring you is good and innovative in its own way. I am glad to tell you that so far this year, Wavo is the best one of this genre. The quality of the songs, the beauty of the design and the ease in-which you operate it makes it the best online visual music website.

The Wavo team understands that in today’s world of social networks, when anyone share something with the world they hold great importance to how the others would see of them. On Wavo you build and publish visually beautiful playlists of the music you love that expresses you best and share them with the world.

Wavo is the real deal!

All in all I loved Wavo and officially became a user (even added it to my homepage…). They still have some flaws (for instance, you can’t shuffle for some reason and can’t add a whole album to the playlist) but its flaws are just petty concerns when the whole product makes music sharing so much fun. Give it a try, share your music with the world!




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