Mixlr: Broadcasting Live Audio made Easy and Social

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 by

Mixlr makes broadcasting live audio simple. It allows you to share your sounds live with friends and fans, chat and interact with them in real time.

Live broadcasts, anyone can do it!

Mixlr makes broadcasting live audio easy and social. All you need to do is download a user friendly app, personalize your page and whether you’re a DJ, pod-caster, musician or content creator, you can interact with your listeners and check the crowds reactions live while you all listen. You can also create a SoundCloud playlist, playing tracks directly from it. The broadcasts can be published on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, iTunes and others, it can even be listened live on Facebook.

The idea behind Mixlr

Mixlr was founded by Greg Lloyd and Rob Watson who believed that listening to audio online does not have to be a lonely experience. Rob describes creating Mixlr as an amazing lesson in how to create a truly fun social environment; “We’ve tried to build on the natural feedback loops which exists in a “real” life performance: for example, when a DJ builds up the pressure in a club, or a band has banter with the audience while on stage. Mixlr’s real-time features like live chat, hearting and crowd view recreate all of this on the web, and of course you don’t have to have beer spilt all over you (although some would argue this is part of the fun of course…)” Greg adds saying they wanted build something that not only allowed people to listen, but also participate in shows, socialise and have fun; “We’ve started to change to way people listen to audio online, and have only just begun to explore what’s possible.”

A platform for both discovery and being discovered

And not only in the music industry, it can be any broadcast from politics to interviews, from discussing sports to discussing rainforests, Mixlr is the stage on which you can be heard. And of course it is a nice place for you to discover new music and DJ sets and listen to them live. Are you an aspiring DJ or musician? Put your music to a crowd test, get quick feedback and make adjustments as you go along… Just like on a live set in a club, where you see and feel the vibe of the crowd and play according to it. I think Mixlr has a nice concept – You should try it too!


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