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JoyTunes solves a problem for 85 of the population who wished they had learned to play an instrument but never got past the frustrating first steps of learning to playJoyTunes transforms the way people learn and practice an instrument by creating educational music games controlled by real musical instruments. Ever wanted to play that one instrument? Well it’s time to learn, interactively.

Learn to Play Your Favorite  Instrument, Interactively

JoyTunes solves a problem for 85% of the population who “wished they had learned to play an instrument” but never got past the frustrating first steps of learning to play. JoyTunes has developed interactive video games controlled by regular instruments, helping children and adults to learn to play real music on real instruments. “Our unique patent-pending technology dramatically increases the motivation to practice and shortens the learning process for millions of music lovers. JoyTunes elite team includes world-renowned musicians and music educators, game developers, signal analysis experts and graphic designers. Combining the skills and creativity of our brilliant technical team with the musical direction of Yigal Kaminka, an internationally regarded award-winning musician, enables us to create extraordinary music games – ones that really help and train you in making real music with your real instrument.”

JoyTunes' vision constitutes a major leap in music educationLearning Begins At a Young Age

“Piano Dust Buster” is the second game in the JoyTunes series, following the award-winning “Recorder Master” game for the recorder. The different game levels are actually musical lessons designed to develop a variety of important musical skills – from the production of a single note to the rhythm and timing of complete melodies. The player’s motivation to learn is directly correlated with his or her motivation to beat the game. JoyTunes’ vision constitutes a major leap in music education. “Recorder Master” is already a great tool drawing many more children to the wonderful world of music. The application welcomes students, parents and teachers alike to use JoyTunes to make the teaching and learning process shorter and more enjoyable. All in all, for learning piano and the recorder, JoyTunes is great because children can start practicing their skills at a young age. JoyTunes incorporates fun games in order to engage kids to play. It’s very simple. All you need to do is download the free application play your regular recorder or piano and start the fun! Our revolutionary technology transforms the tones you play into actions in the game. Check it out now!

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