Figure – iPhone App of the Week: Make Your Own Music

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 by

This week we’ve selected Figure – an app by Propellerhead that lets you make your own music – as our iPhone App of the Week. If you’re at all into dance, house, dubstep or just good rhythms and beats, Figure is a really fun app to play with when you’re trying to kill a couple of minutes. It’s $1 on the App Store, and having played on it with our co-founder Roy all week, I can confidently say Figure is worth the mini-outlay!

While it’s easy enough to pick up ‘n’ play Figure‘s magic music maker, you don’t truly get the full mastery of what its creators have achieved until you give it a good few tries. And it’s with extended play that you do get the rewards for your purchase: once you’ve got the hang of Figure, you really can create a riff that sounds like something out of Ministry of Sound in under 5 minutes! The only gripe we had with the app is that you can’t save your creations, but then that isn’t what Figure is really about. It’s about creating inspiration for the few minutes you use it, and then starting again next time you pick it up.

Take a look at the video to see more of an insight into how Propellerhead saw their app being used, and then click here to download from the site behind the app.

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