Watch Movies Online: Top 10 Film Streaming & Review Sites

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This blog is for film streaming lovers! On this top 10 list you will find the best ways to watch movies online, read movie reviews and enjoy film streaming for free. Ready? Steady? Got the coke and popcorn handy? Go!

Why Would you Watch Movies Online?

Everyone loves going to the cinema but with the economic crisis, the Fiscal Cliff and other ‘treats’ that life spawned us with, it became a luxury that few people can afford on a daily basis. Along comes the internet! Why pay good $ when you can enjoy all the hottest new releases, free of charge, in the comfort of your living-room? Especially now that anyone can purchase a streaming TV box that connects wirelessly to your TV screen and streams any movie you want to watch directly onto your television!

It’s called the Roku LT Streaming Media Box, and it streams movies and TV shows from online sources like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, Pandora, HBO Go, Crackle, Disney, NHL Gamecenter, among many others. It will costs you just $49.99, but this amount is negligible compared to cinema tickets, coke and popcorn at the outrageously expensive  cinema kiosk and the cab fare to get there…

But What Are the Best Film Streaming Sites?

This is exactly what this top 10 list is all about, along with the best movie reviews sites and some bonus material we curated for you… We hope that you will like our choices (share it with your friends if you do!). Are you still here? Go watch a movie!

Watch Movies Online:

1. All My Faves Film Streaming

The All My Faves Film Streaming Homepage has actually came to life quite recently… While researching for this blog I came across tons of film streaming sites, some very good, most quite horrible. The good ones simply aggregates all the streaming links of a specific title to one page, allowing you to choose your favorite stream. So it got me thinking: hey, we can do that! After a couple of day’s work the All My Faves Film Streaming Homepage was born. We have curated all the best links to all of the hottest new releases and displayed them in the All My Faves visual design concept. We promise to keep updating it regularly, so go ahead and browse through our free film streaming library, find your favorite title and start watching!

2. Hulu (US only)

Hulu is basically the biggest and the most popular place to watch free movies and TV shows online in the US. You can watch tons of free movies on this site, from blockbusters to esoteric documentary films, and the ones you can’t are probably on Hulu Plus – the paid version that gives you more HD quality movies and more TV shows to choose from. The Hulu Plus service will cost you only $8/month and they offer a free week trial. Try it for free, and then decide if you can live without it…

3. Netflix

Netflix is probably the only real challenger for the online film and TV streaming throne. It’s everybody’s favorite subscription service for renting movies and TV shows, and more recently streaming them online. Subscribing to Netflix’s streaming service will cost just under $10/month and if you will want to rent a specific title that isn’t in their streaming library it will cost you some extra… All in all they provide a great service and top notch quality. The first month is free of charge so there is no reason not to give Netflix a try.

4. Amazon Instant Video

If there is a growing online demand for a product, you can bet that Amazon will get involved! After conquering the online retailing world, Amazon is looking for new products to sell and the growth of the film streaming demand got their attention. Shopping for the movies or TV shows has just became way simpler, they’ve created Amazon Instant Video – a service that lets you instantly stream any movie or TV show you find in their ever-growing library. If you want to pay-as-you-watch, then Amazon Instant Video is the place for you.

5. Xfinity TV (US Comcast customers only)

Xfinity TV is Comcast’s answer to Hulu and Netflix. If you’re a paid-up Comcast subscriber, and you want things to stay that way, you can stream all their TV content from your computer. Aside from Comcast’s vast quality TV shows, there are also lots of movies for you to stream as well. The interface is beautiful and is extremely user friendly, so if your a cable TV addict and already pay Comcast for it, you can now enjoy film streaming online as well for no extra charge.

For Those Who Don’t Want to Pay

6. WatchFreeMovies & Zmovie

Though the internet if full of websites that promise you free film streaming, most of them are spam sites that make you feel that you’re being conned. While researching for this blog WatchFreeMovies and Zmovie stood out as the sites with the best combination of quality content and minimum spamming… We liked them so much that most of the links we use on the All My Faves Film Streaming HomePage are from these two sites. So if you want to watch new releases without paying a dime, check these sites out.


And Now Some Extra Treats…

7. New Generation Review Sites: Flixster & A Better Queue

Instead of pointing you to tycoons like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, we decided to introduce you with two trendy newcomers.  Flixster is a community of movie lovers who share film reviews and ratings. The idea is simple, once you register you browse through titles in a Pinterest like interface, you can click on movie you wish to see or rate and comment on ones you have seen already. Your Facebook friends reviews pop up first so you can read the opinions of people you trust before you choose a movie to see. A Better Queue on the other hand is not a social review site, it lets you filter Netflix’s instantly streaming movies by Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, years, and genres. It basically gives you all the info you need on movies you can instantly watch! Then it links you directly to the film’s streaming domain at Netflix.

8. Blogging the Reel World: /Film

Every John Doe thinks he can blog about movies. While I agree that everybody is entitled to an opinion, I choose the ones I listen to very carefully. /Film is exactly the kind of blog I go to, when I want quality and insightful reviews that is providing a personal point of view on the cutting edge of breaking news. /Film is concentrating on the geek/genre centric side of the movie universe, it’s reviews are personable and opinionated with reviews from a select group of four or five people who know what they are talking about. There is a point where a site is no longer ‘just another blog’ and becomes a main player in the industry it covers, /Film has earned the movie industry’s respect and is now on the junket list for most of the major movie studios, attends advance press screenings and visits movie sets.  This is why we think it’s a blog worth reading, check it out and you will see what we mean…

9. The Art Of The Trailers:  iTunes Movie Trailers

If the sources above didn’t help you  decide which movie to see, then maybe iTunes Movie Trailers will. At first glance you may raise your eyebrow wandering what is so special about a site that gives you trailers you can watch on YouTube… But a closer look reveals the site’s charm, it is a true tribute to movie trailers, designed beautifully and has extras such as a synopsis, releasing date, cast and production details, galleries from the set, etc. Also on this site you will find some exclusive trailers, mainly for niche films, that you will not find anywhere else. If you love the films you will love this uncharacteristic Apple tribute for the movie trailers.

10. Forget the Film, Watch the Titles!

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles is a Submarine Channel project dedicated to the exciting art of title design (film, tv, games, events) and its creators. Watching a movie is often a getaway from the everyday life. The transition from reality to its onscreen alternative has to be smooth otherwise you will not experience the film to the full. Here comes the role of the Titles, in few moments it is supposed to get you exactly in the mood the director intended you to be in, it can be engaging or wildly entertaining, funny, exhilarating, or simply drop dead beautiful. To make a long story short, making a good title sequence is a work of art. Personally, I have never paid to much attention to the titles, but as I browsed through this website, I realized their genius. Subconsciously my mood was altered into the mood the artist, I mean the director, wanted me to be in. Have a look and share my enthusiasm.

Do you think you know of other sites that are just as good or even better? Let us know with a comment below, a Facebook message or a Tweet!

Final tip: We’re all for freedom of choice on the Internet, and we’ve told you about the whole spectrum of film streaming sites and the ‘watch movies online’ experience. While we’re offering links to all the sites – in good faith that they’re posting only legal content – we certainly recommend that if you choose the less mainstream options, you both protect yourself with an ad blocker, and understand that we have absolutely no responsibility for any content posted on any site we link to. So as long as that’s clear… go watch movies online!

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