What’s good for families is good for Famigo, and vice versa…

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 by

Attention parents: Famigo is a website that filters the top family oriented games and apps on every device for you. It has an unique five star ranking method in which it determines not the overall quality of the game/app but also… ease of use, educational value, level of entertainment, family-friendliness and appropriateness for all ages.

Why waste time searching for the best family apps?

We all know that  kids are getting more tech savvy by the day; and all of us parents have witnessed our kids demolish our smartphones, playing anything that involves tapping the screen repeatedly!  As a father of two gorgeous boys i can really relate to the need of constant entertainment for the family: If not for quality time together then at least so that my little angels will not try to throttle one another… but going through every game at the app store, wondering if the game is too violent or if both my kids can play it… lets just say that i find myself doing quite a lot of research each time!

Let Famigo do it!

Well, not any more! I just let the Famigo team do it for me. Check out the website as well and see for yourself: Using Famigo will keep your children’s best interests in safe hands.


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