Storybots: Interactive Website that Makes Learning Fun for your Kids

Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by

From the men that brought you Jib Jab, the Spiridellis brothers have created a new interactive website that makes learning fun for kids and the prep easy on their parents.

5 products, 5 new ways to learn:

With a 5 star rating by over 750 viewers in the Apple Store, Storybots may soon be the new way our kids learn. “Our vision for StoryBots is to build hundreds of products in the coming years that kids will love and parents can feel great about,” the brothers explain. “We want StoryBots to be the equivalent of Sesame Street for a connected generation.” So far they have build five products, each that interact your kid with the information you are trying to teach them.

Storybooks for example, is a free ipad app that enables parents to insert their kid’s faces into animated ebooks.  There is one free book on the app right now. Buying more costs $3.99 for a monthly subscription where you will receive one book every month as well as other perks, and $1.99 for each additional book on top of that. There are 18 books for you to choose from!

Band allows your to stick your child (or my friend Brooke in this case) into videos. The four free videos on the app include Row your Boat and the ABCs, but don’t worry there is a new video scheduled to come out each month for more variety.

 ABC Jamboree has a variety of one minute videos helping children recognize the shapes and sounds of letters. Videos include “say yes to S” and “jump for J”, but sadly it seems that letter U-Z are missing. All the videos/mp3s are free

The Activity Center is a place where parents can download and print out a selection of crafts pages including: mazes, word searches, coloring pages, and many more.

Lastly, the brother’s created something they call the Beep & Boop App. A beep is earned when a child does something good/ productive, and a boop is earned when the child does something worth reprimand. The Beep and Boop App is a rewards chart reconstructed to fit our computer aged system. Parents have the choice to set goals and prizes accordingly.


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