Mommyish – Blog of the Week: The Imperfections & Realities of Parenthood

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Mommyish doesn’t claim to have parenting figured out, but they care about the choices parents make and want to keep parents informed on the latest trends in child rearing.

All about parenting, both good and bad

To be ranked among TIME Magazine’s top 50 websites of 2012, Mommyish must be doing something right. We decided to check it out for ourselves and share our findings for all the parents among you.

highlights what is new in child rearing to keep expecting parents and moms & dads of all kinds conversing, debating, and challenging society’s trends.  And if this sounds a tad heavy, I must admit, after reading their website’s about me section, I thought to myself that a debate over public forum of society tanning and glamorizing children would be all I would find. Checking out their Facebook page, I found much more. If you are looking for real, deep conversations about the wrongs and rights in society when it comes to our children, look no further.

Expertise advice that is open for discussion

The blog is all about creating dialogue:

“On Mommyish, we welcome an array of perspectives on pregnancy, sex, partnerships, work life balance, and of course childrearing” , the creators pointed out to us this week.

Mommyish invites experts to write and comment on posts, but does not side with any, and instead allows engaging conversation. The best part is that you will always find someone on Mommyish with the same opinion as you. If you need acceptance, a second opinion, or someone to tell you that you’re flat out wrong, you’ve found the community for you.

 A thriving community of moms

Subscribe using your e-mail midway down their homepage, and Mommyish will welcome you to a community special enough to call family. Your subscription will allow you to comment and discuss on any article, forum, video, or picture posted.

Think that Disney doesn’t understand diversity when it comes to their newest Princess in the making? Then go ahead and show appreciation for particularly angry mom Ruth Lorio’s comment, “F*** Disney and f*** anyone who thinks this is anything more than a pathetic and patronizing dismissal of ethnic diversity and equality.” If you don’t care much about Disney in general, try out any one of the discussions about Egg Freezing, hand-me-downs, or even a murderer targeting pregnant women. There will be a discussion for you out there somewhere!

Bottom Line on Mommyish:

Mommyish is a top quality mommy blog that delivers a diversity of interesting topics and a thriving community of differing opinions that can answer just about any child related questions you may have.

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