One of the Best Blog Sites for Moms becomes a Mommy Community

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by offers you parental advice, insights, inspiration, a platform for discussions and a good laugh. The perfect recipe for a great Parenting blog! Mommy, check it out here…

Got kids? Let’s talk about it!

At first glance you cannot perceive the true quality of Don’t get me wrong, your first reaction will be: Wow, what a beautiful mommy blog! But is actually much more than its lovely, vibrant surface.

Before you even start on the social community, there’s a combination of great parenting content, food recipes, fashion and styling advice with links to purchase products you like, home design tips, mind and body health instructions and advice on how you can have tons of family fun. All is written in a humorous and fun way that make you want to read more.

A Real Mommy Community

The greatest feature in is it’s community. You can effortlessly register and join the social aspect of You can ask questions for other people’s insights, join open discussions or just browse through old discussions for authentic opinions of other mommies who encountered the same problems you do.

The community has stretched beyond parenting issues, the discussions are about all issues regarding today’s mom, her life, highs and struggles. This blog and community has something for all of you women, careerists and mothers: try it and find other women just like you, addressing the same issues.

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