Back To School 2014: Top 30 Amazon & eBay School Supplies

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Find the top 30 back to school items for 2014. Here are the best supplies and essentials that can be found on Amazon,eBay, Target, and Walmart for Back To School 2014.The school year is rapidly approaching so we’ve scoured through the leading websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Target to find you the top 30 back to school supplies and items. Check them out.

Back To School 2014

Although the sun is shining and children are swimming, having barbecues or doing summer jobs, the fact is that the school year can sneak up on you quicker than expected. For your convenience, we’ve handpicked the coolest, most innovative and overall best back to school items that you or your child will love. From Pre-School through College, we’ve got it all. Enjoy.


1. Rolling Dinosaur BackpackRolling Dinosaur Backpack

With their crayons and markers securely bundled up and a lunch box filled with their favorite foods in tow, your child will love showing up to him/her first day of school with this amazing backpack. Featuring bright colors and friendly dinosaurs, this backpack is light and also rolls so that your child won’t need to strain his or herself carrying home a project or supplies.

A cool backpack can make all the difference in making your child excited for school. This is the one you are looking for.

LeapFrog LeapReader2. LeapFrog LeapReader 

No matter what profession your little one decides to enter in another 20 or so years, you can be sure that reading and writing skills will be of the essence. And, there is no better way to get your child on the path of learning and loving to read and write than with the LeapReader from LeapFrog. This amazing reader sounds out words for children to help expand their vocabularies and reading comprehension skills and even assists them in developing proper handwriting techniques. Your child will love the ever-growing library of audio books and the confidence that he or she gets from learning these essential skills.

It’s a small investment that will pay off in the future. It’s LeapFrog’s LeapReader.

Learn-To-Play Piano3. Learn-To-Play Piano

Studies indicate that learning to play an instrument at a young age can benefit children socially and cognitively and can improve their self-esteem. Give your child this opportunity with the Learn-To-Play Piano by Melissa and Doug. This amazing product will have your child excited to bring home the friends he/she meets at school for play-dates and is durable enough to withstand their pounding fingers. Additionally, the piano comes with a color-coded songbook so your child can learn to play some of the most popular children’s songs around.

Give your child an amazing pre-school gift. Give them the opportunity to Learn-To-Play Piano.

Animal Pals Pencil Case4. Animal Pals Pencil Case

Anyone with a young child or sibling knows that after a couple of days of pre-school, pens, pencils, papers and more can be found crumbled and out of place all over the child’s desk and backpack. However, with the Animal Pals Pencil Case, keeping your child organized is a much more realistic goal. This friendly school-supplies organizer features a warm animal and a supportive message on the cover. Inside are large pockets, capable of fitting many different types of writing supplies (children love their color pencils, crayons and markers) as well as other gadgets that they may have, like erasers.

Don’t lose your supplies, stay organized. Your child will love the Animal Pals Pencil Case.

Despicable Me Girls T-Shirt5. Despicable Me Girls T-Shirt

Since its release, Despicable Me and its sequel have been delighting children from all around the world. Now, your daughter can proudly carry her favorite character along with her with the Despicable Me T-Shirt. This wonderful wardrobe addition is hot-pink and features the confidence boosting slogan “One In A Minion.” Your daughter will feel great showing up to school in this fine piece so make sure to get it for her before the school year begins.

Be one in a minion, make this shirt part of your daughter’s school uniform.

The Rainbow Fish6. The Rainbow Fish

A modern-day classic that children have enjoyed for over a decade, The Rainbow Fish is an amazing book that your child is sure to treasure. This wonderful book has pages filled with glittering foil and beautiful illustrations so your child will love to look at the pictures, even before he or she knows how to read. Most importantly, this timeless story teaches children the virtues of sharing, an extremely important value to instill at a young age.

Follow the wonderful tale of The Rainbow Fish and his shiny scales in this great 32-page work.

Elementary School

Basketball Backpack7. Basketball Backpack

It is crucial for a child to have confidence when going to school and nothing will bring a smile and a little bit of swagger to your young one like the Go Sport Basketball Backpack. Capable of carrying all of his/her books and also provide a great activity during breaks, this unique knapsack is both fun and practical and will surely make an amazing gift.

Bring your game whereever you go with the Basketball Backpack.

Brita Filtered Water Bottle8. Brita Filtered Water Bottle

Drinking water throughout the day is a very beneficial habit to establish, and nothing will excite your child to drink up like The Brita Filtered Water Bottle. This 15 oz bottle comes in Hello Kitty, Dora The Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants and Ninja Turtles varieties so no matter who your child’s favorite character is, there is sure to be a water bottle for him or her. Additionally, this fun water bottle is dishwasher safe so you can use it time and time again.

For school, the park or anywhere else, drink clean and tasty water with the Brita Filtered Water Bottle.

Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack9. Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

The guitar can be a fairly complex instrument to master, but with the Guitar for Dummies Guitar Starter Pack, your child can begin learning to play this amazing instrument without angst or expensive tutors. Complete with a guitar, guide book, tuner, audio cd, case and even picks, this package is really all your child needs to begin to play the guitar. And, the best part is, Amazon offers this complete package for half of the standard cost.

Get a head start on learning a great instrument. Get The Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack.

Phineas and Ferb Notebook and Pen10. Phineas and Ferb Notebook and Pen

Elementary school will be the first time that your son and daughter is going to need to sit in class and take notes. Let them take notes with familiar characters by adding the Phineas and Ferb Notebook and Pen to your school supplies list. This set comes with a Phineas and Ferb themed notebook and a pen bearing their faces. A soft grip on the pen will make learning to write a pleasant experience and it’s all for under $20.

Bring Phineas and Ferb to the classroom with this great set.

Science Experiment Book11. Science Experiment Book

To children, science can be nothing more than the boring subject that they’re forced to learn in school. However, with The Everything Kids’ Science Experiment Book, your child will love turning regular household items into fascinating and educational science projects. This book contains the experiements that will let your kid boil ice, float water and more. There’s no better gift to get your child to see the magnificence of the world than The Everything Kids’ Science Experiment Book.

Experiment with fun and bring science to life.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing12. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

By elementary school, your child might already have discovered the joys and benefits of reading. To continue this passion, or to foster it in a child who doesn’t enjoy reading as much, you will want to check out Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. This hilarious book has entertained millions of children with its wit and relatable characters. And, when your child falls in love with the book (and he/she will), you will be able to feed this love with other amazing books by Judy Blume.

Continue reading and continue learning. Try Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

Middle School

Herschel Backpack13. Herschel Backpack

With a timeless look and a convenient design, Herschel Backpacks have been a staple in school for years. So, when you enter the building for your middle school years, make sure to have this classic knapsack with you on your back. With a myriad of colors , this durable piece is great for both boys and girls, 5th graders and 8th graders. It’s made from 100% polyester and has plenty of pockets so you can keep yourself fully organized.

It’s a classic backpack for a reason. Stick with Herschel.

Nook by Barnes and Noble14. Nook

E-Readers are quickly becoming the most popular way to read and find new books, and the Nook by Barnes and Noble is a great choice for utilizing this new technology. This e-Reader is extremely portable and extremely light-weight so you won’t have a problem bringing it with you on the bus or in carpool. Additionally, the battery life is absolutely incredible, up to 2 full months on a single charge. Best of all, you are certain to find you favorite books, magazines and newspapers from their collection of over 2 million titles, all on one small device.

Keep the library with you wherever you go. Pick up the Barnes and Noble Nook.

Wilson NCAA Supreme Football15. Wilson NCAA Supreme Football

Recess may just be the highlight of your day, and there are plenty of advantages to being the one who brings the ball to the field. The Wilson NCAA Supreme Composite Junior-Size Football is the perfect ball to use. This durable football is made of composite leather and has a soft cover so it is perfect for hands that can’t yet grip an NFL sized ball. Additionally, this football is designed for all weather conditions so you’ll feel confident using it all day, every day.

Play catch, work on your spiral or have a game. Go get the Wilson NCAA Supreme Football.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board16. Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Middle School is probably the time when you will get your first personal locker. For convenience and personalization’s sake, make sure to dress it up or deck it out with the Board Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase Board. Complete with a dry erase marker and mounting tips, this essential school item is perfect for leaving messages for people walking by your locker, or for setting reminders for yourself. Moreover, the silver metal frame gives this board a more professional look and its magnetic additions make hanging up a poster or a note a non-issue.

Get the most important locker accessory with this Magnetic Dry Erase Board.

Connect 4 Pen17. Connect 4 Pen

Bored in class? Looking for a quick activity to do while on the bus or after you’ve finish with a test? Well, the Connect Four Official Game Pen is the solution to all your inactivity needs. This novelty item has a built in Connect 4 set, complete with mini red and black pieces so that you can play whereever you are. Additionally, this pen makes a great gift or a wonderful surprise to take out of your bag in school.

Pens can do so much more than write. Play Connect 4 with this amazing pen.

The Giver18. The Giver

Jonas lives in a perfect world. There is no fear, no war and no choices. However, everything changes when Jonas turns 12 and is assigned his job for life. In this Pulitzer Prize winning book by Lois Lowry, follow Jonas as he finds the truth about his life, but at a cost he may not be willing to pay. This fantastic book is a must-read for any middle schooler, a book that is sure to surprise, delight and make you want more.

A personal favorite that you won’t be able to put down. Read The Giver.

High School

Speaker Backpack19. Speaker Backpack

Whether you are waiting in class for the teacher, chilling at the beach or just hanging with friends at home, you’ll always be fully equipped with the Speaker Backpack from Soundwave. This innovative product will connect to your audio device to allow you to play your favorite songs wherever you are. On top of that, this bag is no slouch in the carrying department, providing ample room for books, water bottles and other supplies.

Enjoy your music at home or on the go with this amazing Speaker Backpack.

Kindle Fire HDX Tablet20. Kindle Fire HDX Tablet

The king of outstanding tablets without overwhelming prices, the new Kindle Fire is an amazing tool to use both at school and at home.  Featuring a 7 inch HDX display, an ultra-fast processor and over 100,000 available apps and games, this Kindle is truly a remarkable advancement in the world of tablets. Moreover, with its super fast web-browsing capabilities and OfficeSuite built in, this device is perfect for doing research or writing papers for school.

Enjoy the best small tablet in the market. Enjoy the Kindle Fire HDX.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar21. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

You may be trying out for a sports team or just looking to get in better shape, but regardless of the circumstance, you’d be wise to add the Iron Gym to your home workout arsenal. This amazing product is great for doing pushups (with multiple grips and and increased range of motion), pull-ups (also with multiple grips) as well as sit ups and dips – all with this one bar! Best of all, the innovative design allows you to hang up or take down the Iron Gym in seconds, no screws or bolts required.

Get out of bed and into shape. Get the Iron Gym Workout Bar.

Locker Mirror22. Locker Mirror

Whether you need to check your hair, apply lipstick or just make sure everything is in order in between classes, it is crucial to have a locker mirror during high-school. This inexpensive and durable mirror by Five Star is just what you need. With a foam frame and slam-proof features, this mirror will serve all of your daily checkup needs in style. Simply mount the mirror to your locker and don’t ever worry about it breaking or falling down.

This mirror is a locker accessory essential. Pick it up today.

TI-84+ Graphing Calculator23. TI-84+ Graphing Calculator

The one calculator that is going to help you through Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Engineering and the SAT’s is the TI-84+ Graphing Calculator. Basically, it’s the only calculator that you’ll need for the rest of your life. Backed by a 1 year warranty and pre-loaded with 12 useful apps, this calculator can solve equations, graph functions and do virtually anything else that you’d want a calculator to do. And, use its USB connection technology to exchange information with other calculators, or to connect it to a PC.

The best calculator that money can buy. It’s the TI-84+.

Predictably Irrational24. Predictably Irrational

A book that should be required reading in every high school, Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely is an amazing journey through the human mind and psyche. This book explores why people choose, behave and believe what they do in a light but substantative style. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your headache remains after you take a 1 cent aspirin but disappears with a 50 cent aspirin, or why you spend a lot of money on big meals but still run after coupons that save 25 cents on a box of cereal, this New York Times Best Seller is a great choice for you. Enjoy!

Be introduced to the amazing science of Behavioral Economics with Predictably Irrational.


Alienware 17 in. Vindicator Backpack25. Alienware 17 in. Vindicator Backpack

Sleek, well-built and perfectly designed, the Mobile Edge Backpack by Alienware is an amazing bag that you’ll love to use throughout your college career and for the rest of your life. Featuring a high-density nylon outer shell, a weather-resistant reinforced base and air ventilation technology, this backpack will keep your laptop, books and notes safe while still being comfortable to carry around. Additionally, this backpack has three large pockets and several smaller ones to help you store your books and to keep them organized. And, with a lifetime warranty, this will be the last backpack that you ever need to buy, and you’ll be glad that you did.

Enjoy the peak of the backpack making art with this deluxe piece by Alienware.

Beer Pong Kit26. Beer Pong Kit

Wiz Khalifa said it best when he sang, “work hard, play hard.” Although you’ll undoubtedly be putting in a lot of time and effort during the day to get the most out of your college classes, night time is a great time to kick back and enjoy hanging with your friends or having parties. The one essential ingredient to all of your hangouts is this Beer Pong Party Set. Complete with 20 playing cups, four pong balls, two non-slip matts and players list, this set is everything you’ll need to have a good time and enjoy the college life (except for the beer, of course.)

Make the most out of your college years with this Beer Pong Set.

Macbook Air27. Macbook Air

Simply the best laptop available, the Macbook Air is fully equipped to help you take notes, watch videos or whatever else you want to be spending your college time doing. Ultra-portable and up to 512GB of flash storage, this computer is great for taking to class and for downloading all of your favorite games and movies. And, with Apple’s education pricing and $100 Apple Store Gift Card, there is no better time for you to pick up a world-class computer.

Once you go Apple, you’ll never go back. Welcome to the Macbook Air.

Portable Gas Grill Tailgating Set28. Portable Gas Grill Tailgating Set

Perfect for going to school football games, going to the beach or even making yourself a nice dinner, the Portable Gas Grill Tailgating Set is a must-have for any and every college student. This set comes with a portable gas grill, stainless steel tools and panels to hold propane tanks and it all fits into the convenient carrying case that is also included. Start enjoying burgers, dogs and whatever else you want to cook with your very own grill.

Tailgating is a time-honored college tradition. Do it right with the Picnic Plus Portable Gas Grill.

3-1 Executive Pen29. 3-1 Executive Pen

Useful for transporting documents for printing, taking notes and for just having fun, this 3-1 pen is a wonderful inexpensive gift for any college student. Complete with an 8GB USB Flash Drive, a laser pointer and of course, a pen, this device is both useful and convenient. Enjoy executive pen styling and its sleek black color. It’ll be a pen that you are proud to use in class.

The ultimate pen for the ultimate student. Go for the High-Powered 3-1 Executive Pen.

The Steve Jobs Biography30. The Steve Jobs Biography

Based on over 40 interviews conducted over two full years, the official Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson is a crucial book for every college student to read at least once. This book delves into the life of Steve Jobs, his biggest struggles and greatest triumphs and truly explains the inner-workings on one of our generation’s most successful and somewhat flawed character. Whether or not you agree with some of his methods, there’s no doubt that much is to be learned from the way the Mr. Jobs thought and executed his ideas.

Be familiar with the man who changed the world. Read the Steve Jobs Biography.

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