WABI SABI – Simple, Organic Design Blog Celebrates Harmony

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012 by

WABI SABI is one of Sweden’s largest, ad free interior design blogs. Its all about simplicity and organic design that celebrates harmony and tranquility.

Design does not have to be complicated!

Lisbeth is a Swedish artist/designer who loves simple, tranquil and harmonious spaces in tune with nature and our times, WABI SABI is her blog. Lisbeth’s blog has its roots in Japanese designing philosophy and celebrates the simple, organic and elegant, often in nature’s own colors. It’s even arranged to create a bright, peaceful and harmonious place.

Get inspired to ‘harmonize your living space’

WABI SABI is all about inspiring you to make these small changes that will improve your everyday living quality.

On the blog you will mostly find inspiring photos that Lisbeth curated from around the web, some of them are presented ‘as is’ but most are accompanied by notes and insights from Lisbeth.

Its the perfect place for you to get new designing ideas and even just feast your eyes. So take a deep breath, relax, enter WABI SABI and enjoy yourselves.


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