Bucketlist.ly: Get Cheered On to Achieve Your Goals

Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by

Searching for a way to keep track of your bucketlist besides a stickynote? Want to see how other people are achieving their lifelong goals and the tips they offer? Bucketlistly is the new way to keep your goals in mind and succeed.

Keep Track of Your Life Goals

Many of us have a bucketlist with items ranging from milestones to small achievements. Backpacking through Europe while still in your twenties and going to grad school are many goals people want to achieve during their life. Sometimes figuring out how to do those things while going about our daily lives is slightly difficult. Bucketlistly is a new site that tracks your goals and allows you to interact with users who share the same goals.

“Bucketlistly is a social bucket list that help you complete your long life goals through collaboration.” Create your own goal or choose from options that other users have made. When you accomplish the goal, you get a “certificate” with a photo, location, and date you achieved everything. As your accomplishments pile up, keep track with the timeline. You can constantly view what you have accomplished, and what is left on your bucket list.

Get support from people who achieved the goal you are working towards

One of the more unique features is being able to interact with users in a way twitter and facebook don’t allow. People can post suggestions on how to move forward with your goal. If you are stuck at a plateau in furthering your achievement, post a question. You never know what other users advice will be.

In a world where everyone is trying to do the next best thing, it’s time to start documenting what you can accomplish. Keep track of your next goal with Bucketlistly before your next journey.

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