Sockroll – RSS Readers are So Basic. Here Comes Sockroll

Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2011 by

Sockroll – RSS. We all have it and read its feeds on a daily basis. Readers are great in terms of keeping us up to date on the latest posts and news from our favorite sites and blogs. But there’s no escape from telling the truth; most readers give a one-liner and stick to it, often at the expense of a fluid read. Sockroll counterattacks this issue, and I’m seriously considering ditching my Google Reader for good.

Presented in a newspaper-like layout, Sockroll offers a designated page for each of its categories (over 60 categories to choose from, including some non-mainstream ones such as Guy News, Programming, Religion, Weddings and loads more), listing posts in the order of publication time (most recent on top), and always including a visual item to accompany the post. Look for instance what Sockroll’s Fashion page looks like:

Another cool aspect of Sockroll is the interface’s appearance when reading a specific post. A semi-separate window opens up, showing you the full post in its respective site/blog page while keeping the Sockroll’s category page in the background. You can quickly close this window once you’re done and then go back to your main Sockroll page for more reads. Here’s what reading an Apartment Therapy post on Sockroll (on Home Design) looks like:

The end result is a pleasantly looking platform offering fluid reads and flexible skipping between topics. Plus, Sockroll takes the RSS subscription burden off of you and centralizes all the hot news of your chosen category in one place.

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