Redbeacon – Reliable Service Professionals a Click Away

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 by

Redbeacon – The next time you find yourself searching for the services of any professional, stop by Redbeacon and give their innovative service a shot. Redbeacon has created a revolutionary platform for matching clients with professionals (from plumbers and electricians to personal chefs and graphic designers), based on the type of job required, location, date and price.

What next? Once you’ve submitted your service request, Redbeacon will “show you the price quotes and profiles of people interested in doing your job, and allow you to book an appointment with them, saving you the time and hassle of calling around.” No more endless searches on and offline for landscapers, dog walkers, air conditioning technicians and what have you; Redbeacon makes the entire process, from start to finish, easy, affordable and premeditated. We like that!

See the screen shots below of the service request submission form, and of the table explaining the benefits of using Redbeacon. By the way, if you have a service to offer and wish to use the Redbeacon platform to meet new customers, click here.

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