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Kinja's Front choose the best stuff from Gawker Media's network to give you a front page that covers the most important and most interesting stories.Kinja’s Front choose the best stuff from Gawker Media’s network to give you a front page that covers the most important and most interesting stories.

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FoodGawker – A Feast for your Eyes

FoodGawker – Millions of people blog all over the world, many on a daily basis, and the variety of blogs is virtually endless. One of the recent growing trends in the blogosphere is blogging about food and cooking – yummy! I assume people enjoy both writing and visiting food blogs because firstly, it concerns one of our basic interests and passions as humans, and secondly, because such blogs are often accompanied by mouth watering photos.

FoodGawker is a photo gallery of exquisite dishes, showcasing photos submitted by food bloggers all over. If you’re into food and think you can take magazine-quality photographs of your favorite cuisine creation, pay FoodGawker a visit. In addition, clicking on any of the site’s featured photos will redirect you to the original blog, where you can find the recipe for that savory looking dish. FoodGawker will help you discover new sites, dishes, recipes and ingredients that will surely inspire your own cooking. Below are pictures I found particularly appealing and yes, they made me dash to the fridge…

Dishfolio – Food Portfolio That will Make You Drool All Over the Screen

Dishfolio – With the catchy motto “eat. share. drool.,” Dishfolio is a food-photography aggregator that, quite similarly to Food Porn and Food Gawker, showcases large thumbnails of mouth-watering dish recipes for you to enjoy, hence the portfolio association.

In terms of concept, Dishfolio goes where others have gone before, but the execution makes it all worth while. Dishfolio will bring lots of inspiring and yummy foods right to your screen, and you can get the recipe of all the posts by simply clicking on the image. Here’s an example of my favorite summer breakfast drink, Mango Lassi.

Amazing Pics – A Tumblr with a Keen Eye for Drama

Amazing Pics – This tumblr page belongs to an anonymous user who has the ability to identify pictures that speak much louder than words. A former Weekly Blog, this one’s a winner and it got the most clicks out of the entire lineup that week.

Each picture is pouring with drama and interest such as the one below which appeared on Gizmodo:

Food & Fizz – Worshiping Great Food, One Photo At A Time

foodandfizz Food & Fizz – Photo-based food sites isn’t a new concept, and in fact, Food Gawker is right up there on the top of this cooking site category. The basic concept -aggregating various mouth-watering recipes on the Web in a nicely stacked list of photo thumbnails- is a great facilitator when it comes to searching for great recipes online. Food & Fizz does just that, offering a source where “people submit their beautiful food and drink pictures and we choose the best ones here daily and then they get uploaded to the site.”

Although Food & Fizz is, indeed, a wonderful cooking resource where users are invited to submit their new food finds, Food Gawker remains my personal No. 1 photo-based recipe source. Not only do they offer a clean and polished interface, but also their selection of recipes is unparalleled. At any rate, see the pics of the recipes on Food & Fizz I really enjoyed exploring.

FreshBump – New Way of Exploring Art and Design

freshbump Freshbump – We’ve already featured and talked about Gawker-like sites that use a showcase of pictures as a way of starting a social discussion and increasing users’ exploration of the Web. FreshBump uses the same premise, and does so beautifully. In terms of areas of focus, “Freshbump is a daily visual inspiration source for industries including, but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture, Computer Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography.” The FreshBump added value is its social media aspect which “facilitates community driven content promotion and prioritizes posts based on the collective view of our userbase.”

Exploring FreshBump is easy; simply browse the big squared photos and click on whatever interests you. Another way you can pursue is clicking on one of “today’s most bumped” thumbnails on the upper part of the homepage. That’s how I came across the great posts below.

Cribcandy – Browsing in Style

cribcandy Cribcandy – For those of you interested in or working in the field of interior design, finding out what are the latest trends is really easy; you have the entire Web at your disposal, and there are hundreds if not thousands of relevant blogs out there. However, that very abundance of blogs can turn the simple goal of finding good design resources online into a cumbersome and exhausting task. Thank god we have Cribcandy.

If you’re familiar with Food Gawker, Cribcandy works in the same showcase-kind-of way. Each page displays 24 posts of various design and interior design blogs from all over the world. Each post is showcased nicely and is quite inviting. Clicking on any of these square posts will redirect you to the original blog of that post. What can I say? I love window shopping, and Cribcandy makes it real easy to browse in style. Click on the images below to see my favorite posts.

School of Life!

EverNote – As humans (especially in our era) we are all constantly bombarded by information, much more than our brains can handle. So, we end up forgetting all sorts of things. Evernote offers a platform that captures your thoughts, your wills, your ideas and memories and if you will let them they well even capture your life. Evernote functions as an external brain, just capture a moment and all your memories will be available to you wherever you are. It sounds complicated and confusing but actually it is quite simple, check the video tour in order to deepen into the simplicity of this idea. I love this application, it seems as very useful, the only con I have experienced is the need to download the application, why do I need to download it, can’t they create it online.

BlogTalkRadio – Experiencing an urge to scream, an urge to tell the world I am here however you don’t feel like blogging about it. You are a good talker and you want to talk to the world. BlogTalkRadio provides you with the megaphone and the tools to do so. Create your own live talk show which can be heard around the world without the need for fancy equipment or downloads. The end of the days have arrived – Freedom of speech have met social networking! Scream!

Screening Room – There are thousands (the best are located under our video category) of video sites on the web but there is a big reason why YouTube is the biggest video provider. YouTube keeps the innovation spirit on a constant move. Recently YouTube has launched the YouTube Screening Room – A platform for films from around the world that never get a chance to be seen by a wide audience. The screening room connects you to films that have been played at international film festivals, occasionally you’ll find films that have never before screened for wide audiences. Since launched I have been watching them on a daily basis, my fave until today is: School of Life . If you are interested in the detailed story behind YouTube, watch YouTube’s Co-founder Chad Hurley explaining how they did it.

TripKick – It is summer time, the perfect season for the perfect vacation. You have booked an expensive hotel and you were anticipating a dream room however as you have reached the room, you have realized that the room is quite small and the view is far from being breathtaking, it looks more like another building. With TripKick it wouldn’t have happen. TripKick prepares you with the little known facts (quiet rooms, corner rooms, rooms with great bathrooms, preferred views and floors) about each hotel room so you can make an educated decision when choosing your perfect room. So after or before you book a room, check in which room number they have placed you, and if you don’t like the view – demand a different room. How do you like room 903 at the Four Seasons San Francisco? Is it big enough for you?

Spread FireFoxIt is said that 76% of browsing is conducted through Internet Explorer, 16% through FireFox and the rest are divided to others. Microsoft rules the browsing market however it doesn’t mean they offer the best browser – they are simply a big monopoly and most people are affixed or ignorant. FireFox 3 is an excellent browser, it sets the pace with dozens of new features, including a smart location bar, one-click bookmarking and blindingly fast performance. Firefox 3 is the fast new web browser that’s winning praise from users and the media for making the web fun and easy. Download it – You won’t regret it. BTW this blog is written using FireFox 3. FireFox Rules!

PlanningWiz3 – Thinking of refurnishing your room however you don’t know how the new design will fit your space. PlanningWiz design tool provides an online simplified floor planner that will help you visualize your space. Enter the dimensions, add the furniture, home appliances, accessories and here you go – a layout of your room is prepared in seconds. Who needs an interior designer when you can design it for free online.

Gawker – Gawker is an addictive site with an inside look at New York City media and pop culture. The decidedly nonobjective, speculative blog, which is updated several times a day, sparks on the latest developments in the media world, from celebrity gossip to insider intrigue to simply bizarre NYC stories. Gawker takes pride of the fact that it reports live from the center of the universe, as well the site indicates that not all information is 100% true, makes you think about the center of our universe!

Neave Television – Neave Television takes the context out of TV and gives you something completely unexpected. It’s like a set of TV-channels, each presenting pointless but hilarious clips from movies (B-movies), actually it’s like having David Lynch right in your own home. It is weird and this is exactly why you should check it – connect to your inner weirdness. Enjoy!

ShadowNess – Shadowness is a digital art community with some remarkable talent on display, it has become an alternative to art galleries which can’t feature all artists. It doesn’t mean that the art is of low quality, on the contradiction there is some good stuff on it. Tastes and styles in art are highly subjective and therefore a big variety means art for everyone. I discovered Dark Spider on Shadowness, I love his art. Who is your fave artist?

GeoSense – Test you knowledge of world geography alone or against another online player. This is a great game to play in order to learn where cities and countries are located. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?