ManTherapy: Who Said Depression Was No Laughing Matter?

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by

ManTherapy addresses an issue traditionally kept quiet: the scarily high levels of suicide among working-aged men. Dr. Rich Mahogany’s shall-we-say… unconventional approach puts the issue of depression into the spotlight in a way that even the most manly of men will listen to…

Depression Therapy: For Men, by Men

If you thought suicide prevention was no laughing matter, think again, because the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention has with ManTherapy turned to humor in order to capture the attention of the working-age men (aged 25-54) particularly at risk of suicidal tendencies.

According to the COSP, people in this group are usually least likely to receive any kind of support for depression. They don’t talk about it with their friends, they don’t share with their family and they sure as heck don’t seek professional treatment. Working-age men are – they say – victims of a problematic, popular line of thought that mental health disorders are not for men, are a sign of weakness.

When a fake doctor is the best doctor…

Dr. Rich Mahogany is not a real doctor, not even a real person. He is though ManTherapy’s stereotypical male lead character meant to help you and me, the average working joe, lower our guards and step into a website designed to do nothing but help us.

The website has a lot to offer: From a head inspection in which you answer a bunch of questions to receive a basic diagnosis of your mental condition, to stories of ordinary men who share their depression experience and how they managed to overcome it. From literature on mental health issues to a hotline for people in immediate desperate need. The site has everything you need to steer through what can be the toughest of illnesses to overcome.

Take a look at ManTherapy brother, it’s funny, not intimidating and it might even help you.


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