Kim Kardashian Becomes The “Butt” Of Every Joke

Posted on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 by

Kim Kardashian Becomes The "Butt" Of Every JokeBreak the Internet? How about fix the Internet!

The “Butt” Of Every Joke

We have all read the tagline on Kim K.’s latest cover, “Break The Internet Kim Kardashian.” But even though the tag line is about breaking the Internet, people around the world seem to be fixing the Internet with hilarious memes featuring Kim Kardashian’s biggest “ASSet”. These memes have been inserting Kim K.’s backside into other pictures, adding objects into her picture or swapping Kim out to create a new character with behind being shown for everyone to see. Enjoy a good laugh, and feel free to fix the Internet with more hilarious memes.

Kim Kardashian Meme

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