Top 10 Spookiest Websites for Halloween: Best of 2012

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Grab a pumpkin and ready your costumes, Halloween is here! To celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday, we have gathered all the best Halloween websites, to provide you with everything you might need for a treat filled, bloodcurdling, and entertaining Halloween!

Have an AllMyFaves Halloween Experience!

Halloween is by far the most exciting, exhilarating, social, silly, spooky, entertaining or in one word: fun holiday out there. The whole internet is Halloween oriented now a days, and why shouldn’t it be? Everyone wants to take part in the fun! Here at AllMyFaves, we want to make sure you will not miss-out on anything that matters, so we made a one stop Halloween homepage with all the best costumes, DIY, Recipes, Apps, and funny websites you should visit on this holiday.

Here is a top ten list of the best from those listed, so it is actually the best of the best, just for you!

1. The Best Online Costumes Shop: is a niche shopping website that only deals with the costumes issue (for tricking, treating and partying you’ll just have to keep reading down our list). And there’s a great selection for anybody who wants to outdo their neighbors with that unforgettable Halloween costume… It’s been around longer than iPods have (since 1999!), and no online retailer could last that long without being safe, reliable and, well, fun! BuyCostumes’ philosophy is – “If you can imagine it, we probably have partyware for it!” And who are we to argue… it’s a user friendly site, easy to look around without having to wade through pages and pages of costumes. So  go ahead and get dressed up!

2. Every Good Halloween Party Needs it’s Accessories!

Whether its costume accessories, items for your Halloween DIY projects, the Bumble Bee tights you need to complete your kids costume, candy, decorations, costumes for your pets, or even costumes for your car, you will find it all on the biggest online retailer in the world! Amazon made a Halloween lending page that will probably have a solution for any Halloween related problem, that might pop up at the last minute! So, if you have any merchandise related problems that endanger your perfect Halloween party, have no fear, Amazon is always here!

3. The Best Place for Those who Want to Do It by Themselves!

For all of you DIY addicts out there, who like making things instead of just buying them, we are happy to provide you with Instructables Halloween as a home-base for all of your holiday DIY needs. This awesome customized Halloween site will tutor you through costume making for you, your kids, and your pets, including disgusting makeup tips that will make everyone jump when they see you. It will also show you how to make cool spooky props and decorations that will make every ‘trick or treat’er remember your haunted house as the most thrilling. All these crafts come with step-by-step tutorials that leave no room for mistakes or worries, even for all of us scissor-use challenged poor souls … 😉 .

4. The Website that will Make you Laugh Through Halloween:

Funny Or Die is a comedy video website that combines user-generated content with original, exclusive content. If an introduction to this website is needed for any of you, then you are probably from another planet, because its been the hottest, funniest, and most controversial comedy site on the web for years.

Well, how could it not be when the master minds behind it are guys like Will Ferrell, Adam McKay,  Judd Apatow and Chris Henchy? Anyway, the funny or die team has curated a special Halloween landing page with all of their funnies Halloween skits. So make sure you are ready (meaning: get your adult diapers on, because you are going to pee yourself!)  and check it out!

5. Have you Sent your Halloween Greeting Cards Yet?

This Halloween there is no need to work for hours with Photoshop and no need to buy tons of stamps. Halloween eCards are the easiest, funniest, and probably the cheapest way for you to show your loved ones that you care, while treating them with a bit of laughter along the way… for those reasons, we are happy to introduce JibJab’s Zombie Party eCards! Easily create, cast, and share personalized eCards with your friends, family, and coworkers. JibJab offers one free eCard sample (you can watch the eCard I made for you guys on this link…) and if you want one of the more sophisticated ones you will have to subscribe for $12 a year… So, go on, have some hilarious good fun while deleting ‘Send greeting cards’ from your to-do list.

6. What’s your Favorite Halloween Movie?

You can’t have a real Halloween without a good scary/bloody/trashy horror movie, and I can’t think of anything more qualified for this criteria than the Halloween movie series. The Halloween series is a true horror cult film! The first Halloween film was made back in 1978 and the last one just came out on October 25th of this year! The team behind the Halloween Movies defines the site as ‘The Official Website of Michael Myers’, who, for those who don’t know, is the horrific, unstoppable villain of the series. The whole site is a real Halloween series archive. It has lots of movie info, some nice fan features, such as downloads and interviews, a fan store, and a big community of the horror film lovers.

7. It’s Not a Halloween Party without some Spooky Monster Sandwiches!

As a former cook and restaurant owner, food is a major thing for me, especially during the holidays. For me, Halloween kicks in only when the house smells of pumpkin and cinnamon. The true Halloween fun in the Halevi residence happens in the kitchen, especially when my boys and I are making a spooky Halloween dinner for my beloved wife. This usually consists of: baking ghost cookies, creating scary goblins with cucumbers, and making some kick ass spooky monster sandwiches… One of my Favorite recipe site is Taste of Home -they made a great, creative, and tasty Halloween recipes page! Check it out for some great Halloween recipe ideas and spread the holiday aroma all through the house.

8. The Best Place for Unforgettable Halloween Quotes:

Who doesn’t love some good Halloween Quotes? On BrainyQuote you will find an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. It is the perfect place to find your favorite quote so that you will have something to recite at your company’s Halloween party! Whatever your quotation taste is, you will find a quote to your liking for they have quite a collection: some funny, some sad, but almost all are inspiring and a fun way to pass spare time between tricks and treats.

9. The Bloodiest Zombie Shredding Action Game:

Fight off devious zombies using brutal weapons while drinking as much Tequila as you can to acquire special attacks. Does this sounds like a fun way to spend your Halloween holiday? If your answer is yes then Tequila Zombies 2 is the perfect online game for you.

Join Miguel and Jaqueline’s journey through the zombie infested streets and help them with their undead genocide using a vast variety of weaponry. If things get desperate, don’t worry, you still have your special attack that you can activate with a tap of the space bar. Oh yeah, if you want to use this special attack you will need to drink the Tequila that the Zombies you kill keep dropping. Long story short; if your in the mood to shred some zombies, this is the perfect game for you!

10. The App that will Make All the Other Costumes Look Bad:

From the man that let you see right through him last Halloween, Mark Rober comes back this year with DigitalDudz – a new app that allows every geek to animate their costume using a smartphone or tablet. You can purchase some unreal costume T-shirts from DigitalDudz. These have designated holes and pockets for your iPhone to allow you to create an open wound, a creepy eye moving around, Romney or Obama, and many others. There are also PG rated costumes such as disco skeletons, a frog, Halloween pumpkins, and more. The app is free on the app store and the android market, go on then, and download it, so you can see for yourselves!


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