Verywell Mind: Trusted Information On Mental Health

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2018 by

Verywell Mind is a blog covering all aspects of psychology and mental health.

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The web has been a useful tool for reducing the stigma associated with mental health. People suffering from various mental disabilities can access a wealth of information, as well as supportive communities of literally likeminded individuals, online. Yet there are few blogs or media sites that offer a wide-range of helpful, informative mental health content. Verywell Mind does exactly that, covering a broad range of mental health and psychological topics. It presents all of the information in tone that should be easy for people to digest, accurately describing itself as “your friend who also happens to be a therapist or a psychology professor.”

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Verywell Mind, like the rest of the Verywell brand sites, has a clean home page with striking visual elements. Visitors can enter a term into the search bar, click on one of several “Trending Topics,” or delve further into common topics like ADHD, Meditation, Anxiety Disorder and Addiction. Verywell Mind also sends out a daily email newsletter of mental health tips for those that wish to subscribe. The majority of the articles on the site are reviewed by medical professionals and have references from medical literature, giving a sense of legitimacy that other blogs lack. If you’re looking for help with a specific mental health issue or just want to learn more about how the brain works, Verywell Mind is a terrific resource.

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