Weekend Games: Top 10 Free Online Games of the Week!

Posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 by

20481Start your weekend with the best games of the week! We already took care of the sorting to bring you only the very best of what the games world has to offer. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did. Join us on our Online Games page and discover the best free games. And check out these awesome Board games too!


2048 Flash: Your task is to sum the checkered numbers on a field in such way, that their sum was exactly 2048Stealth Bound: you need to escape the prison! But do it quietlyNinja Cannon Retaliation: the evil twin ninja has set out to avenge his brother

Interactive Puzzle: Your puzzle is boring! Does it react when you touch it Epic Boss Fighter: Earth is under threat by 10 of the most epic bosses known to mankind. Zombie Like Brains: Garlic always trying to beat zombie. But always fail

Notebook Space Wars 2: Save the universe in this hand drawn space shooter. Amigo Pancho 3: Sheriff Sancho:  Who steals the children in a small town? Brave sheriff Sancho must climb to the top of the cliff and save them. The Earl Octopusor: rescue two star crossed lovers... and be rewarded with a lot of treasure

Sinkers: Collect as many bitz as possible in 20 moves.

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