Weekend Games: Top 10 Free Online Games of the Week!

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 by

flyingchops1Start your weekend with the best games of the week! We already took care of the sorting to bring you only the very best of what the games world has to offer. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did. Join us on our Online Games page and discover the best free games. And check out these awesome Throwing games too!


Nunchuck Charlie: The evil Queen Chigeon has kidnapped Nunchuck Charlie's beloved bear, Mr. TeddingtonMad Burger 2: Mad burger is back! Launch the hot burger as far as possibleFlying Chops: Take flight with Flying Chops! Save piglets, avoid traps and destroy all Butchers armed with jetpack

Save Those Bots: Guide and help the bots to reach their destination, test your reflexes and use multiple toolsForbidden Arms: A mysterious warrior named Ichirou possesses the legendary forbidden sword. Ditto: Navigate your way through this atmospheric puzzle platformer.

Cheapskates 2: Help those lazy and greedy scrooges to collect their lost money.Sushi Cat 2 The Great Purrade : Sushi Cat and his wife are at a lovely parade. Flower Guardian: Only you can defend the Flower Kingdom from an onslaught of mean monsters.

FingerLaser: Your mission is to protect the base from enemy attack.

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