Weekend Games: Top 10 Free Online Games of the Week!

Posted on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 by

keeperof4elements1Start your weekend with the best games of the week! We already took care of the sorting to bring you only the very best of what the games world has to offer. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did. Join us on our Online Games page and discover the best free games. And check out these awesome Extreme games too!


The Keeper of 4 Elements: Defend the island from a evil armyAliens Like Milk: go in search of cows who will treat Alex with milk.Zombo Buster: Lead the anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City

Once Upon a Life: Take to the streets as the old man in search of his memories Catch the Fish: don't let the other cat take all fishKingdom of Liars 3:  escort a newly discovered artifact into the city of Ashbane

Silly Sausage: Use your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish.Spirit Rush: get your spirit as far as you can Push3m : push all the tiles to their correct place

Where's My Water? 2: Get ready to join Swampy, Allie, and Cranky on their NEXT exciting adventure!

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