TripAroundTheGlobe – Fun, Interactive Geography Trivia Game

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 by

Trip Around the Globe is one of the most innovative, fun free flash trivia games I’ve played on the internet in a long time! If you’re into your geographically related general knowledge quizzes, you’ll definitely agree.

Travel Around the World (literally!) with this fun Trivia game

You control a little red car with the arrows on your keyboard, driving it over a big rotating globe. When you drive through a question mark icon you answer a question (“Where did Napoleon die?” for example); and then if you get it correct, have to drive as quickly as possible to the country related to the answer of that question (so in this case, you would have to drive your car to France!).

It’s timed, and you just get through as many questions and countries as you can before it runs out. There’s a leaderboard to see how you’ve fared against the rest of the world too. Click on the pics, or here, to see how well you can do! Post your scores below, and see if you do better than me! 🙂

Drive around the world with this Geographical Trivia Trip! What score can you get?

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