Tequila Zombies 2: Our Zombie Shredding Action Game of the Week

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 by

Fight off devious zombies using brutal weapons while drinking as much Tequila as you can for special attacks.

 Arm yourselves, the zombies are back!

Once again Miguel is out for a zombie hunt but this time he is accompanied by the lovely cop Jaqueline. You start Tequila Zombies 2 choosing between the two you get out on the zombie infested streets and begin purifying it.

I think you’ll need a bigger gun…

In the beginning you can only use your club/machete or a lame Beretta to fend off the annoying zombies, but as you gain on levels and the waves gets more vicious with zombie rats, pigs, dogs and evil zombie nurses, you can buy heavier gunnery and explosives to help you along  with your genocide.

Things get desperate? only the Tequila will save the day!

Each level of the game consists of ten stages that you have to complete to move on to the next. Zombies pour into each stage from the left or right border and it is your tasks to eliminate them all. There is usually no shortage when it comes to drops and weapon upgrades, and if things get desperate you still have your special attack that you can activate with a tap on the space bar, oh yeah, if you want to use this special attack you will need to drink Tequila that keeps falling from zombies you kill. You will meet three bosses in every level that are harder to kill and usually accompanied by an unlimited wave of regular zombies, so life will not be easy for you. Long story short; if your in the mood to shred some zombies, this is the perfect game for you!


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