Street Fighter + ET + Robots = Tribot Fighter: Game of the Week

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2012 by

What happens when you combine street fighter with robots and add in a platformer that’s borrowed the storyline from ET? You get Tribot Fighter! Get ready to fight your way through an hazardous tower, full of evil robots, to help your one of a kind Tribot get back home.

Tribot Phone Home…

Our Tribot Fighter hero is the last of his kind. He is stuck in a distant world and knows the only way home is to fight what is within him. It is your duty to progress through action-packed levels and reach the top of the tower where the Final Boss awaits you. Transform into 3 different robots as you play, each with it’s own pros and cons, change from one to the other so that you can beat those bad robots who try to keep you from their boss, who holds the key for you getting your precious tribot home.

Fun, addictive, and very hard!

Tribot Fighter is an addictive and very hard street fighting-style game. You must truly learn the way of the Tribot in order to beat it. Examine and master the new abilities that you learn as you progress, there are 18 special abilities for you to unlock that will help you in your quest.

There are also 16 achievements to be completed, by collecting achievements you gain more lives when you start the game. If you get stuck use the ‘Tribopedia’ section which explains important aspects of the game in more detail. A great game that will actually challenge even the more seasoned gamers out there… Give it a try and see for yourselves!




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