Steampunk TD: One Tower, Many Enemies. Can you Defend it?

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 by

Steampunk TD is Nickelodeon Addicting Games new tower defense. You only have one tower to work with, and enemies come from both sides. Stand up and defend your steampunk tower!

You are Surrounded!

Playing Steampunk TD you will be placed in the middle of enemy ground from the very beginning. You will endure wave after wave of the enemy forces that will try to breach your tower from both sides, using better units each time so that you will be kept on your toes. Have no fear though, your sources will increase as well, as the levels pass you will have better upgrades, better arsenal and more room to place them, the only question is: will you be able to keep up?

Stay Calm!

Defending your Steampunk tower isn’t gonna be easy, the key to success is not panicking. Fighting the enemies fierce stickmen, helicopters, tanks, balloons and air strikes, will be possible only if you buy upgrades as soon as you can because the enemy develops new weapons at an alarming rate. Come up with a good strategy and choose from 4 upgradeable towers in your inventory to defend yourself. Each tower has their own special skills so maximize it depending on the type of enemies attacking you. Always check if your units ammo isn’t too low and everything will be alright. You can play Steampunk TD for free here, what are you waiting for? you have a Steampunk tower to defend!

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