Paladog – Strategy Game of the Week: Save the Doggy World!

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 by

Paladog is a really great free, online strategy game. We love playing it so much here at All My Faves that we decided to give it our award of Game of the Week!

Paladog to the Rescue!

PALADOG – Paladog is the story of the brave, last of the doggies (named Paladog), on a mission to save a futuristic world run by dogs from the onslaught of evil (ranging from zombies to walking, shooting televisions). An involving, fun, yet easy to pick-up-n-play game, Paladog recruits various animal warriors as he progresses along in the world, punching the lights out of onrushing enemies, all while remaining seated comfortably on his trusty horse.

Paladog is a great game with really cute graphics, and you can play it completely free, any time you like on All My Faves. Just click here or on the screenshots to have a go. Enjoy!

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