Orange Gravity 2 – Puzzle Game of the Week: Challenge Yourself!

Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2012 by

On Orange Gravity 2 you will continue the adventures of the courageous, pixelated orange who’s life mission is to collect as many lemons as he can! Remove all lemons from the screen using ropes and the laws of physics.

Because every good recipe needs a twist of lemon!

Your goal in Orange Gravity 2 is to collect all the lemons on the screen before the time runs out. You do that by moving the orange around the screen using your mouse, the laws of physics and some gadgets the game developers thought might come in handy such as pushing beams, ropes, leverages etc…

The orange attaches itself to the blocks as it passes, a thing that can be manipulated in various ways. Each block has a different effect that will only impact the orange if its tied to the block itself, and you can click and drag your mouse through the cord to sever it. The final goal is to navigate your beloved orange into the portal that opens up after you are done collecting the lemons.

Getting them lemons can be tricksy!

Like most puzzle games (especially those who involve physics…) you start off feeling very smart and that feeling reduces as the levels increase… There is no room for mistakes on Orange Gravity 2, if the orange falls offscreen, or has a run in with a hazard like spikes, you have to do the level all over again! But no fear, it is a fast going game.

Orange Gravity 2 has a nice, simple look to it and offers a few clever twists on familiar concepts and plays. All in all it’s a clever, little puzzle game to keep you both busy and entertained. Give Orange Gravity a quick play and hand your brains a challenge on your next coffee break!

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