HUEBRIX: Our Brain Teasing Puzzle Game of The Week

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012 by

HUEBRIX is a challenging logic puzzle game. Find the right path, following strict game rules and restrictions to solve this brain cracking puzzle!

Don’t you just love a good puzzle game?

For all of you brain abusers out there, I believe we found the perfect answer to your masochistic hobby!  HUEBRIX is based on a very simple idea:

Each color has a specific number of moves it can make, all of them combined cover the whole square, to complete a level you have to cover the square in a specific way that leaves no moves for any of the colors. sounds pretty easy isn’t it? Well, guess again!

Tough rules and restrictions make HUEBRIX devilishly challenging!

On the early levels you actually smile while you play, feeling like a genius with spatial vision, but as the levels increase the smile fades and the sweat slowly but steadily begins to make its appearance…

The thing that makes HUEBRIX so challenging is its strict game rules and restrictions. First it seems cute, making you go through certain spots with certain colors, putting an arrow that forces you to go in one direction etc. but then the rules get devilish, changing move numbers, ending spots and portals are just few examples of the HUEBRIX team’s sadistic ideas… Hate your brain? want it to explode? Well then, this is the perfect game for you!

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